2. 2. 2023

CEZ Group will transfer more than CZK 100 billion to the state this year in order to help reduce consumer energy prices

Today, CEZ published the outlook for CEZ Group's financial performance for 2023, including an indication of total levy to the Czech state reflecting the tax measures approved last year to address the energy crisis. In addition to the regular income tax, CEZ Group's net profit will be affected by two legislative measures, namely a levy on excess sales of production and a windfall tax of 60% of the difference between the tax base and the average tax base in 2018-2021 increased by 20%.

In 2023 CEZ Group expects the net profit adjusted for extraordinary effects of CZK 30-40 billion CZK depending on the development of electricity prices.  The total tax levies from sales and income tax for 2023 will amount to CZK 40-80 billion. 

CEZ Group will pay more than CZK 100 billion to the Czech state this year, because, in addition to levies and taxes on 2023, it will pay more than CZK 50 billion to the state due to dividends on 2022 profits and due to the balance payment of ordinary income tax in excess of the advances paid during 2022.   This money will help the government fund measures that reduce consumer energy prices, notably via price caps on electricity and gas.

CEZ Group has long been one of the largest taxpayers in the Czech Republic. From 1992 to 2021, the Czech Republic received CZK 771 billion from CEZ in dividends, taxes, donations and payments for emission allowances. In addition, the Czech Republic received dividends of CZK 18 billion from the 2021 paid out in 2022. 

CEZ provided this information earlier than usual in order to provide capital market participants with an indication of the impact of specific legislative and regulatory measures on the company's performance and to reduce investor and creditor uncertainty about the company's expected profitability. The usual date is March, when the company publishes its audited financial results for the previous year. The audited financial results for 2022 will be published on 21 March 2023.