31. 3. 2016

ČEZ Has Been Granted License to Further Operate Unit 1 of Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant

Unit 1 of the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant has been licensed to operate further. ČEZ received the order of the State Office for Nuclear Safety yesterday evening.

The new license to operate Unit 1 has been issued for an indefinite period of time and, like the previous ones, is subject to numerous operation-related requirements. “The entire unit operation application process has been very challenging. We have gained valuable experience in the course of the procedure, which we are going to use when preparing applications for the remaining three units of our power plant,” said Miloš Štěpanovský, Director of the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant.

The license has been granted based on the submitted documentation, which provided evidence of the current facility condition. The documentation had to be updated based on the weld quality audit performed and then submitted to the State Office for Nuclear Safety for assessment.

The operation license for Unit 2 will expire at the end of this year, whereas the licenses for Units 3 and 4 will end next year.