7. 1. 2021

ČEZ Prodej installed 660 rooftop photovoltaics and 514 heat pumps last year. Their combination is a hit

Despite the difficult conditions caused by the COVID pandemic, the number of solar power plants installed was up by a quarter year-on-year, and the number of heat pumps by nearly a half. ČEZ Prodej also expanded the number of its technology and service centres in Bohemia and in Moravia. This year, ČEZ Prodej plans further significant growth in installations.

Customers are increasingly interested in combining photovoltaic and battery systems.  ČEZ Prodej installed 485 such solutions last year, which account for three quarters of all its installations.  ČEZ connected 55 photovoltaics with accumulation in water.

ČEZ Prodej met growing customer demand for batteries by introducing its new ČEZ Battery Box 1F EASY with a basic capacity of 4.8 kWh and maximum output of the connected power plant of 3.7 kWp.  This solution offered by the Czech producer OIG Power is designed for smaller family homes with lower consumption or low-energy standard houses that can make do with a battery system with a smaller output.  The traditional ČEZ Battery Box Home solution was also popular, with an output of 7.2 to 12kWh and maximum power plant capacity 10 kWp if a micro-source is connected.

“I am glad that despite the restrictions due to COVID, we managed to confirm our reputation as a leading supplier of modern energy technologies.  We built 123 more rooftop photovoltaics and 156 more heat pumps than the year before.  This year, we plan to accelerate that growth yet further,” says CEO of ČEZ Prodej, Tomáš Kadlec.

A combination of a photovoltaic power plant and a heat pump controlled by joint software is becoming popular.  That software is also able to control other appliances and technologies, (lights, blinds, garage, pool heating) so it is possible to control the entire household as a smart house.  The application also uses weather forecasts to automatically reduce energy performance.  In practice, this means that, at night, the current outdoor temperate is compared to the daily forecast.  If it is more efficient to heat later, the system lets the room temperature drop by the set value that will practically not be noticed by the inhabitants but will significantly reduce the volume of electricity used.

“The combination of photovoltaic with a heat pump and a smart device increases the effectiveness of the systems.  The rooftop photovoltaic generates energy and the control unit sends it to the place where it is currently needed the most – it is used either for the operation of appliances in the house or for running the heat pump that stores it in hot water, if required.  120 customers got the combination of photovoltaic and a heat pump last year,” explains Jakub Rous, manager for smart technologies at ČEZ Prodej.

This year, ČEZ Prodej plans to again expand its technology centre network and again grow its installations of photovoltaic power plants and heat pumps.  Furthermore, it is expanding its offer by offering the most powerful panels on the market.  The new panels with an output of 460 Wp are 30% more powerful, which means a saving of room on the roof.  ČEZ Prodej also uses the Half-Cut technology that makes it possible to produce electricity even when a shadow is cast on the panel by a house or tree. 

ČEZ prepares the entire project of a rooftop photovoltaic power plant with accumulation or a heat pump on a turnkey basis for its customers and is able to arrange financing, as well, including the processing of a subsidy application.  ČEZ grants a 25-yer guarantee on 80% panel output, 15 years on the panels themselves, 10 years on the ČEZ Battery Box, and five years on the work.  Owners of photovoltaic power plants without a licence are offered the advantageous ČEZ Prodej product POWER FOR SOLAR PLANTS with a discount on power electricity used to compensate for any unused electricity generated by the photovoltaic plant, which otherwise goes to the grid without a specific purpose.

Did you know that…

  • ČEZ Prodej offers the service on a turnkey basis, including the preparation of documentation, subsidy advice, connection application, or loan application?
  • The expected useful life of the panels is 30 years and ČEZ Prodej provides a 25-year-guarantee on 80% panel output, 15 years on the panels themselves, 7 years on the alternator with an extension option, and a five-year guarantee on work? 
  • ČEZ Prodej guarantees that a subsidy will be arranged from the New Green Light to Savings?
  • Roofs facing south, west, or east are suitable for the installation of photovoltaic power plants.  They can be slanted or flat, they require only sufficient loadbearing capacity.
  • One megawatt hour of electricity generated in a photovoltaic power plant saves nearly one tonne of CO2 which would be released into the atmosphere if the same volume of electricity were generated by traditional coal powered plants?
  • Most frequently, people have photovoltaic power plants with an output of around 5 kilowatts installed on their roof?

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