12. 12. 2022

Czech Nuclear Power Plants Comply with International Environmental Protection Standards

The Temelin and Dukovany nuclear power plants in the Czech Republic meet the requirements of international environmental protection standards. Such is the main conclusion of a recertification audit conducted by the international company Det Norske Veritas. This prestigious ecological certificate for environmental management has been held by the Temelin power plant without interruption since 2004, and by the Dukovany plant since 2001.

During the audit, extending over several days, experts focused on the entire environmental protection system.  In practice, that meant verifying the system’s legal compliance, auditing documentation, as well as checking how environmental protection is ensured during the power plants’ operation.  Auditors inspected individual operations, such as the cooling water treatment station, chemical water treatment station, waste management, central oil and diesel management, sewerage, and the emergency preparedness system.  “The audit has shown compliance with the EMS standard requirements.  The power plant’s management and employees understand the risks associated with individual operations, as well as their environmental impact, and they have been covered to a high standard, said the head of the audit team, from the international certification firm Det Norske Veritas, Zdeněk Grabmüller.

“Security and environmental protection are our key priorities.  We invest tens of millions of Czech crowns in that area, both in direct connection with nuclear energy and otherwise,” said Bohdan Zronek, member of CEZ’s Management Board and head of the Nuclear Energy Division.

“Regular audits serve as very important feedback that confirms the functionality of our system for environmental protection.  In recent years, we have successfully made significant reductions in our power consumption, both in power generation and in the non-production segment of the power plant, and we are prepared to carry on in that trend,” said the Director of the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant, Roman Havlín.

The environment is an important topic at Temelin.  In addition to preventive security measures, the management of the South-Bohemian power plant focuses on energy savings.  “We are finding optimal methods of operating the pumps, we are insulating buildings, replacing old lamps with energy-saving types, saving water, or reusing it in the small hydroelectric plant at Kořensko, before it is returned to the River Vltava.  This helps us achieve annual savings corresponding to an annual consumption equivalent to that of a small town,” adds Jan Kruml, Director of the Temelin Nuclear Power Plant.

The Dukovany power plant has held an environmental management system (EMC) certificate since 2001, the Temelin power plant since 2004.  The new certificate is valid for three years.  On an annual basis, during interim audits, the power plants must document to auditors their compliance with the requirements of the international standards.