9. 3. 2018

Inercom and CEZ finished this weeks round of negotiations

Negotiations between CEZ and Inercom about fulfilling the contract condition took place from Tuesday March 6th and finished this Friday. The main purpose of the meetings was preparation of documents for the application to the Bulgarian anti-monopoly office (KZK). During the negotiations, representatives of Inercom also presented an official enquiry, if in the current situation there exists a possibility for the Bulgarian state to enter into the transaction.

Even though the Bulgarian government did not express interest in entering into the sales process, which was running last year, CEZ will consider the request presented by our business partner and will check the option.

In view of the limitations posed by the already signed contract between the two parties, CEZ and Inercom decided that both will prepare complex analysis of all variations and possible outcomes of the potential entry of the Bulgarian state into the process. In few weeks the negotiations will continue.