14. 5. 2018

The Forum Electromobility conference will bring recognized experts to Prague and show the future prospects of electric drive. Do not miss it!

Projections of future development of electromobility in the Czech Republic, products and services for businesses as well as for individuals, domestic and foreign technological and legislative trends – all this and more will be brought to you by the Forum Electromobility conference held on 30 – 31 May by Forum Karlín. The main partner of the event is the ČEZ Group, the operator of the largest network of public charging stations for electric cars in the Czech Republic, whose part is being built also thanks to a grant from the European Connecting Europe Facility program.

Four parts of this conference focused on the key agenda of the present times, workshop and an exhibition will form the main pillars of the Forum Electromobility 2018 conference (30-31 May), which is intended primarily for operators of large and small fleets, public administration, suppliers of vehicles and technologies or leasing companies and banks. Internationally recognized experts, such as Senan McGrath (EVSV Systems), Jantine Zwinkels (Royal Haskoning DHV), Benjamin Rinner (Fortum Charge&Drive), Philipp Seidel and Andreas Schulze (Arthur D. Little), Andre Wehner (Škoda Auto) and Jaroslav Straka (the European Commission) will visit Prague for this occasion. Domestic participation will be represented by top experts Pavel Cyrani (ČEZ), Tanja Vainio (ABB) or Eduard Palíšek (Siemens). For detailed information, please visit http://www.forumelektromobilita.cz/

On the second day of the conference visitors will be able to participate in a workshop on “How to procure affordable electric vehicles and incorporate them into the company fleet”, led by experienced experts from the field of fleet management and electromobility. In addition to this, participants in the workshop will also receive a model for comparing the economic effectiveness of traditional vehicles with electric cars and an overview of current offers of electric cars and charging stations.

The “prelude” to the conference will be a round table discussion on Electromobility held on Thursday 24 May at 15:00 where Kamil Čermák (ČEZ ESCO), Eduard Palíšek (Siemens) and Luboš Vlček (Škoda Auto) will discuss the prospects of alternative fuels in transport and the role of their companies in this process. The Hospodářské noviny magazine focusing on the theme of electromobility and summarizing the main points of the conference will come out on Tuesday 19 June.

A competition for a ticket to the conference will start on Wednesday 16 May on the Facebook group “ČEZ fandí elektromobilům”. Do not miss it!

Electromobility in the Czech Republic: on the verge of the third millennium

Following the 400 new electric car registrations from last year and the 202 electric vehicles registered so far this year, the total number of domestic electric cars has come close to the threshold of two thousand vehicles. Since the beginning of 2012, over 1,600 electric cars have started driving on the Czech roads, with the most vehicles being registered last year and in 2015. Assuming the average annual mileage of one vehicle is approximately 15 thousand km, the average amount of electricity for this number of electric cars is around 3 million kWh, which is the equivalent of a year’s consumption of over 1,200 households.

As is the case in other developed European countries, electric cars are becoming a common part of traffic in the Czech Republic, especially in the cities. This is reflected in all areas associated with sales and servicing of electric cars. Projections of market development expect annual sales in the Czech Republic to reach several thousand electric vehicles within the course of several years. This represents approximately 3% of the market, which is just a short step behind the countries of Western Europe where this percentage is expected to reach between 5 and 10%.

The main partner of the conference is the ČEZ Group – the operator of the largest network of public charging stations for electric cars in the Czech Republic, which currently has about a hundred of locations. This network is expected to expand by about fifty new areas. This is also thanks to the fast charging stations, which allow charging of most of the battery capacity within 20 to 30 minutes, and which were built as part of the grant from the European Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) program. The European Commission thus supports the interconnection of Europe by constructing charging stations along the main TEN-T road network. For more, please visit https://www.elektromobilita.cz/cs/mapa-dobijecich-stanic.