Power Plants and Environment

Nuclear Power Plants

Information about Nuclear Power Plants Dukovany and Temelín.

Wind Power Plants

Information about Wind Power Plants in the Czech Republic.

Solar Power Plants

Information about Solar Power Plants in the Czech Republic.

Coal-fired Power Plants

Fossil power plants account for under 50% of the installed capacity of the CEZ Power Company (map of power plants). Brown coal is fired at most fossil power plants. The North Bohemian fossil power plants are situated in...

Hydroelectric Power Plants

All of the large hydroelectric power stations, except the Dalešice, Mohelno and Dlouhé Stráně hydroelectric power stations, are situated at the Vltava River where they form a cascade system called the Vltava Cascade.


Biomass with stored solar energy is an important renewable resource of utilisable energy. Biomass usually means a substance of biological origin, like e.g. vegetable biomass planted in soil or water, animal biomass,...

Biogas plants

Organic material is stored in fermentation vessels without access of air. In the process of fermentation, the material produces biogas (with high methane content). It is then used as the fuel for power production. In...

CCGT Power Plants

The CEZ Group is operating CCGT Power Plant (combined cycle power plant) in Počerady (Czech republic). Currently we are completing the construction of CCGT in the Turkish Egemer.


The CEZ, a.s., according to the Czech Republic environmental law, is required to monitor, whether and to what extent it pollutes the environment, how it utilizes natural resources, and to know possible environmental...

Market Transparency (REMIT)

Information about production, capacities and outages of ČEZ, a. s. production units

Maps of Power Plants