Biogas Stations

Biogas Stations

BPS Číčov

Číčov Biogas Station

The fuel proper (e.g. maize silage, beet pulp and roots) is placed in warehouses and sufficiently covered with packing material. The fermenters (vessels used to produce biogas) proper are below the roof and sealed.

Biogas plants are modern and clean facilities that are normally operated in the Czech Republic and abroad. They handle a wide variety of materials or waste organic matter through the process of anaerobic digestion in the absence of air in closed reactors. The result of the process is biogas, which is currently used mostly for the production of electricity and heat and digestate, which can be used as high-quality fertilizer (like compost).

Stroll through the biogass power station Číčov!

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Biogas is the gas produced during anaerobic digestion of organic materials and consisting mainly of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2).

In addition to agricultural by-products, biogas stations process also industrial and municipal biological waste. Biogas stations can be agricultural ones, operated by a larger agricultural plant, or municipal and industrial stations connected to waste water treatment plants operated by e.g. a town or an industrial plant. The category of biogas stations also includes landfill gas which is produced and collected from landfills in the controlled way.

Číčov Biogas Station

The facility with the installed capacity of 526 kW will provide annual power production for over 1,000 households. In case of Číčov the “fuel” is semi-liquid cattle manure and energy crops. In the process of fermentation, they produce biogas with high methane content. It is then used as the fuel for power production. In addition, the output also includes heat in the form of hot water.

The Číčov biogas station will secure the input substrate – “fuel” – from a nearby farm and its vicinity. Energy crops including haylage and maize silage are stored for all over the year. The fermenters (tanks used to produce biogas) proper are below the roof and gas-tightly sealed)

BPS Číčov - kogenerační jednotka

Cogeneration Unit - Číčov Biogas Station.









Selected Parameters of Číčov Biogas Station

Installed capacity 526 kWp
Operated for 7,750 hours a year (i.e. almost 90 % of a common year)
Stock includes semi-liquid cattle and pig manure, maize silage, haylage
Electrical efficiency 40,4%
Supplied electric power 3.372 GWh a year (i.e. covering the consumption of approx. 1,000 households)
Fermenters with total capacity of 2,800 m3
Gas holder 500 m3
Sludge tanks 2,000 m3