Coal-fired Power Plants in CR


The Dětmarovice Power Station was built between 1972 - 1976, and with its capacity of 800 MW, it is the largest (black coal burning) classic power station in Czech Republic.


The Hodonín Power Station is one of the oldest in the Czech Republic. It was built in two stages between 1951 and 1957. A suitable location was selected based on the local conditions near a lignite mine and the Morava...

Jindřichův Hradec


PP Ledvice is situated at the foothill of the Krusne Mountains eastern part, between the spa towns of Teplice and Bilina.


Power Plant Melnik, out of all the CEZ production facilities, is the nearest to the capital of Prague - it is situated, approximately, about 13 km below the Elbe and Vltava River confluent.


Power Plant Pocerady is situated in the north-west part of the Czech Republic, nearly in the middle among the towns of Louny, Zatec, and Most.


The Poříčí Power Stations Organizational Unit consists of two plants, The Poříčí II Power Station and The Dvůr Králové Heat Power Plant.


The Prunéřov Power Stations are situated on the western edge of the North-Bohemian brown coal basin near the town of Chomutov. They consist of two technological units. Together with the Tušimice I and II power stations,...


Teplárna (steam generation plant) Trmice stands on the outskirts of Ústí nad Labem, at foothills of the Krušné hory mountains.


The beginning of electricity production in the Tušimice location dates back to 1963-1964 when Tušimice Power Plant I started its operation with six 110 MW units. Tušimice Power Plant II with four 200 MW units started its...