The Porici Power Stations


The Porici Power StationThe Porici Power Stations

The Poříčí Power Stations Organizational Unit consists of two plants, The Poříčí II Power Station and The Dvůr Králové Heat Power Plant.

The Poříčí II Power Station

This power station is situated in a scenic landscape of Trutnov region, at the foothill of the Krkonoše Mountains, the highest mountains in the Czech Republic, in the eastern side of the town of Trutnov.

The power plant was put into operation in 1957. Initially, six boilers were installed, with unit power output of 125 tons of steam/hour. Four out of the six initially installed boilers are now replaced by two fluidized bed boilers, each having the nominal power output of 250 tons of steam/hour. The fluidized bed boilers were put into operation in the years 1996-1998 and currently burn brown coal. Two initial boilers are used as heat power production emergency backup.

In the machine room, three turbine generators are installed, having the unit nominal power output of 55 MW. In the 70's, they were reconstructed and became consumption-condensing sets to ensure supplies of heat in hot water and steam. At present, two turbine sets are utilized and the third one stands by to cover regular supplies in case of long-term repairs (general overhauls and reconstructions). The Poříčí Power Plant supplies heat power for the town of Trutnov and a major part of its surroundings.

The heat power from the Krkonoše steam line is supplied to towns and villages in the region starting with Horní Maršov and Dolní Maršov, Jánské Lázně, through Svoboda nad Úpou, Mladé Buky, and as the last but not the least, to the town of Trutnov. The Radvanice steam line brings the heat power through the village of Lhota u Trutnova to a mining village of the same name and further on to the village of Jivka. In the south direction, a hot water line goes from The Poříčí II Power Plant to the town of Úpice, supplying along the way environmentally friendly heat power, additionally, to villages of Bohuslavice, Adamov, and Suchovršice.

The Poříčí II Power Plant features the total heat power output of 294 MW. Annually, it delivers through its steam network (38 km total length) and hot water network (35 km total length), approximately 1,500 TJ of heat power to consumers at 1,400 primary points of acceptance. Out of the volume, 35 % goes to residential heating and 65 % is consumed in non-residential heating applications.

From the viewpoint of electricity production, The Poříčí II Power Plant belongs to the so-called system power plants. Thanks to its location, it plays an important role in maintaining good voltage conditions within the north-east region of the Czech Republic.

The Dvůr Králové Heat Power Plant

The Dvůr Králové Heat Power Plant was constructed at the beginning of the 50's, as the central heat resource of the town of Dvůr Králové nad Labem, and replaced inadequate local resources in the town. The first deliveries of steam for industrial plants commenced towards the end of 1955.

The installed heat power output equals to 115.8 MW. Annually, the total volume of 800 TJ, approximately, is supplied from this heat power plant, through a steam network of 11 km total length to 100 points of acceptance. Out of the volume, over 11 % is supplied for apartment heating.

Since 1996, all heat power production units with output exceeding 6 MW must comply with strict criteria, determined in the air pollution control act. The same applies to operation of The Poříčí Power Plant Organizational Unit. The concept of electricity and heat combined production itself provides for more efficient utilization of power contained in coal, and therefore results in smaller amounts of pollutants released to the air, per unit of power produced. In addition, there are other technology measures adopted in The Poříčí Power Plant, leading to a reduction of electricity and heat production negative impacts on the environment. In particular, they include construction of the two fluidized bed boilers in The Poříčí II Power Plant, mentioned already, as well as the primary measures adopted in two initial 125 t/hour boilers, which together with combustion of quality sulphur low-contents coal ensure compliance with emission limits required by the law, in covering emergency situations.

In The Dvůr Králové Heat Power Plant, the main boilers were reconstructed to provide for an optional natural gas scorching. Here, new special cloth filters were erected, providing for a precipitation of dust particles from flue gases. In this case, too, low sulphur contents coal is only burnt. Additionally, boiler combustion control systems were totally reconstructed. This all enables a continuation of particular The Poříčí Power Stations' technology operations under the strict requirements newly applicable to the air pollution control.

Production unit - Power Plant Porici II
Installed power output 3 x 55 MW
Operation commenced in the year 1957 - 1958
Desulphurized since the year

1996 (55 MW – 1st fluidized bed boiler)
1998 (55 MW – 2nd fluidized bed boiler) decommissioned as of 1 January
1999 (55 MW)



Production unit - Heat Power Plant Dvur Kralove
Installed power output 1 x 6,3 and 1 x 12 MW
Operation commenced in the year 1955, 1963


Combined production

Our company's pride is the fact that it produces electric energy as well as heat energy by using combined production technology in its own environmentally friendly resource. This production technology, also called cogeneration, enables the most effective utilization of energy from the fuel; a part of energy gained from steam is firstly used for production of electricity, and secondly for supply of heat to centralized heat supply networks.

Provable economical and ecological advantages of the production technology, being used by us, are of entirely essential character, and because they are based on the physical principles, they have a permanent validity.

When using classic method of an independent production of electricity, the higher part of heat is handed over, without any effects, to cooling water, and then to the surroundings. This waste heat represents an environmental load to landscape, increases volume of primary fuel, and it results in a higher leakage of pollutants to atmosphere.

Use of cogeneration method of production means savings of up to 32 % of the loaded-in fuel and participates, to the same extent, on the landscape ecological load reduction.

Effects of the combined production of electric and heat energy in The Poříčí Power Station are quite clearly provable, not only in economical but also in ecological point of view. Development of centralized heat supply from The Poříčí Power Station resulted in Trutnov region in removal of local fireplaces and district heating stations, as well as in reduction of the emitted sulphur dioxide contents by 2,600 tons yearly. This represents 118,000 tons of brown coal from the local fireplaces that would otherwise load the air in the region.

The completed ecologization of our production equipment has resulted in a favourable impact to air cleaneness in the locality.

Products and services

How to proceed

If you are interested in supply of heat energy for:

  • Heating,
  • Heating of hot service water,
  • Air-conditioning purposes,
  • Technological purposes,

the owner of the object (or the authorized representative) can contact Marketing Dept. at The Poříčí Power Station:

Phone: 499 806 500
              499 806 111 ext. 2500
              607 830 698

and the heat supply promise can be discussed there. When issueing this document, we come out of the following data:

  • WHERE the object, to be connected to Centralized Heat Supply, is situated (copy of cadastral map, with graphic identification of the object to be connected).
  • HOW MUCH kW is required, i .e. the connecting output of the object to be connected. If the data are not yet known, we come out of the heated volume of the object.
  • WHEN the heat supply is to be started.

The contact person in Marketing Dept. will verify if connection of the given object is feasible from the technical point of view; consequently, in a positive case, the written promise for supply of heat is issued to the applicant. This document includes a precise conditions of connection, and information how to proceed in

  • the project preparation,
  • implementation of the service connection and the heat equipment in the object,
  • conclusion of the agreement on heat supply.

If you are interested in supply of the secondary power-producing products:

  • Ash from fluidized combustion for closing and recultivation of disposal sites and variant earth structures,
  • Ash for ground fills and backfills,
  • Stabilized ash for landscape shaping,

kindly contact Marketing Dept. in The Poříčí Power Stations

Phone: 499 806 500
              499 806 111 ext. 2500

              607 830 698

In case you are interested in our standpoint to a location of our heat network (for building permission proceedings purposes):
Prior to implementation of the construction, reconstruction or more extensive repair of the real estate, our standpoint to a location of the heat networks is required for purposes of the building permission proceedings.The owner of such an object (or the authorized representative) can contact:

In Trutnov locality

Marketing Dept. in The Poříčí Power Stations
Phone: 499 806 500       
499 806 111 ext. 2500       
607 830 598

In Dvůr Králové nad Labem locality

Heat Distribution Dept. in The Dvůr Králové Heat Power Plant
Phone: 499 819 228       
499 819 111

Non-stop service available:

In Trutnov locality

Control room in The Poříčí Power Stations                                  
Phone: 499 826 574

In Dvůr Králové nad Labem locality

Control room in The Dvůr Králové Heat Power Plant                   
Phone: 499 820 374

Heat energy prices

Prices of heat energy produced by The Poříčí Power Stations, validity from 1 January 2004 - without VAT (5 % VAT):

At input to heat transfer station Residential  205.50 CZK/GJ
Non-residential  237.50
At input to the Jánské Lázně heat transfer station Residential 220.50 CZK/GJ
Non-residential  246.60
At input to the Horní Maršov heat transfer station Residential  283.20 CZK/GJ
Non-residential  283.20
At input to heating of hot service water (Hired) Residential  259.60 CZK/GJ
Non-residential  288.30
At input to central heating object (Hired) Residential  274.80 CZK/GJ
Non-residential  300.30


Prices of heat energy produced by The Dvůr Králové Heat Power Plant, validity from 1 January 2004 - without VAT (5 % VAT):   

Location Non-residential /Residential PRICE UNIT
At input to heat transfer station Residential  188.40 CZK/GJ
Non-residential  210.90
At input to heating of hot service water (Hired) Residential  260.70 CZK/GJ
Non-residential  288.30
At input to central heating object (Hired) Residential  273.80 CZK/GJ
Non-residential  300.00


Heat energy

Our company not only produces heat energy (in combined production cycle together with electric energy) but also distributes it, by means of the existing centralized heat supply systems, in most cases to the end-user points of acceptance. We consider this fact as essential. By elimination of the distribution connecting link, we manage to provide a high level of our services. Team of professionals draw a maximum attention to Centralized Heat Supply network (own or hired) for ensuring the reliable operation at as lower as possible heat losses, and also in viewpoint of efficiency of the invested financial means.

We consider the delivery of heat energy to the end-user point of acceptance as one of the key tools for maintaining not only the acceptable price level of our services but also its quality and reliability. Our target is not only the satisfied but the faithful customer who cannot imagine his life without our services.

We supply heat energy for heating, preparation of hot service water, air-conditioning as well as technological purposes.

Where are these services provided?

  • The Poříčí Power Stations - see the concerned files
  • The Dvůr Králové Heat Power Plant - see the concerned files

We offer a free capacity in supplies of heat energy to all those who own the object in the surroundings of our heat networks, and to all those who have to make decision which resource of energy is to be selected. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to help you solve the problem of providing heat energy.

Secondary power-producing products

When producing electric and heat energy from coal, there are generated the waste products that have been stored at the disposal sites in the past years. During construction of the new technological equipment - fluidized bed boilers in The Poříčí Power Station, there was also built an equipment for a dry ash take-off. The waste, previously unusable, is changed to a secondary raw material the transport of which can be effected by railway or trucks.


Our company offers the below mentioned secondary power-producing products with the CERTIFICATE issued by Technical and Testing Construction Institute, Prague, (Technický a zkušební ústav stavební Praha, s.p.). It covers the products as follows:

Ash from fluidized combustion according to standard PN EPO 83 8035, intended for closing and recultivation of disposal sites and variant earth structures, after adaptation to the stabilizate, Certificate No. 01-5371 (see the concerned files).

Ash for fills and backfills, intended for realization of fills and backfills, Certificate No. 04-7364 (see the concerned files).

Stabilized ash for landscape shape adaptations, intended for realization of landscape shape adaptations, Certificate No. 04-6792 (see the concerned files).