Varna power plant is situated in south-eastern Bulgaria near the Black Sea port of the same name, and its location therefore represents rather significant logistic advantage. Its generating capacity of 1,260 MW (6 x 210 MW) makes Varna the largest conventional plant of CEZ Group, and the largest resource so far –Prunerov plant II (5 x 210 MW) in North Bohemia – has thus been moved to the second place. Varna burns imported black coal and in 2003 generated ca 2.3 TWh of electrical energy. The yearly production in the following ten years is, however, assumed to increase gradually mainly due to modernization and growing demand for electricity in Bulgaria and the entire region of south-eastern Europe.

CEZ Group has owned the 100% share in Varna power plant since October 2006.

Further information is available on the websites of Varna plant (in bulgarian)