The Orlík Hydroelectric Power Station

The Orlík Hydro Power StationNew: Virtual tour!

The Orlík Hydroelectric Power Station forms a fundamental part of the Vltava Cascade. The water reservoir, holding 720 million m2 of water, is the largest retention reservoir in the Czech Republic, and, together with the Lipno reservoir, it is crucial for the long-term water flow regulation of the Vltava River and the lower course of the Labe River. Its water surface covers an area of 26 km2; it raises the Vltava level for 70 km, the Otava level for 22 km, and the Lužnice level for 7 km from its confluence with the Vltava River. Additionally, the water reservoir offers opportunities for summer recreation, water sports, and fish-farming.

The Orlík Hydroelectric Power Station participates significantly in regulating the country’s power engineering system, and in generating inexpensive, environmentally clean peak-load electricity. This is possible due to its 364 MW capacity, its ability to reach full load in 128 seconds, and its remote controlling from the control centre located at Štěchovice.


virtuální prohlídka - OrlíkThe water reservoir was created between 1954 and 1961 by building a 91.5 m high concrete gravity dam, 450 m wide at the crest. The body of the dam has three 15 m x 8 m spillways with the capacity of 2,184 m3/s (the so-called hundred-year water), and two bottom outlets, 4,000 mm in diameter.

The 20 m high, 17 m x 127.5 m hydroelectric power station is located in the left part of the river at the heel of the concrete dam. The water is brought to turbine sets by four steel pipelines, 6,250 mm in diameter and embedded in the concrete of the dam. The intake is equipped with quick-operating closing valves and emergency stop logs.

The power station began operations between 1960 and 1961, and was equipped with four fully automatic sets of Kaplan turbines for a 70.5 m head. A ten-blade runner, a world rarity at the time of its putting into operation, was awarded the Gold Medal at EXPO ´58 in Brussels. At present, the sets are equipped with modern eight-blade runners with a higher effectiveness. The generated 15 kV electric energy is transformed to 220 kV in six single-phase transformer units.

Generation Unit - Orlík
Installed capacity 4 x 91 MW
Years of commissioning 1961 - 1962
Type of turbine Kaplan

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Orlík Hydroelectric Plant Information Centre

Orlík - leteckyWhen can you visit us?

From July to August 2015 every Saturday and Sunday from 2 p.m., every Monday from 11 a.m. (booking necessary!). Outside the above-specified hours only based on previous booking.

The excursion is suitable for groups (maximum of 50 persons) as well as individuals, but always based on previous booking!

Contact for booking:

The excursion to Orlík Power Plant must be booked by phone at 737506950 (the number is available every day from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.) or by e-mail pisecko {zavináč} email {tečka} cz

Admission fee          CZK 60 / adult          CZK 30 / child


Individual tourists: From July to August 2015 every Saturday and Sunday from 2 p.m., every Monday from 11 a.m. (booking necessary!). Outside the above-specified hours only based on previous booking.

Groups: Only based on booking at 737 506 950 or by e-mail pisecko {zavináč} email {tečka} cz

Orlík - lodní dopravaA regular excursion takes 45 – 60 minutes. Those interested in a detailed tour, e.g. specialised groups, have to make arrangements in advance during booking. We would like to ask the groups interested in a more detailed presentation to make booking in time. Thank you for your understanding.

A boat trip from the castle Orlik to the dam and back

This year you can enjoy the boat trip from Orlík Castle to the dam followed by the tour of the power plant and the dam. You can watch a film on the dam construction and other historical films on the boat during the sail. The price also includes small refreshments and drinks. The tourists will obtain a discount for lunch at Zvíkov Hotel and admission fee to Zvíkov Castle.

The trip is suitable for families, company groups, school trips, individual tourists. The boat trip can also be made with a pram, but you cannot enter the power plant and dam with it.

Price: adults CZK 390; children CZK 290

You will obtain all other important instructions including the time of departure upon booking (always necessary). A different date is possible for groups. The minimum boat capacity is 50 persons, the place of departure can also be changed. In case of school trips the price depends on the number of pupils.

Note:    The space inside the dam is wet and slippery with low temperatures. Suitable footwear and clothes are recommended.

The dam and power plant are the active industrial premises. Be careful. Follow the guide's instructions. In case of indiscipline, the excursion may be terminated immediately and the group exiled from the premises.                     

Access and parking

The power plant is entered via the main entrance which is located in the direction of the access road (turn right before Solenice). The excursion starts there. The group gathers in front of the main blue gate (not to be mistaken for the blue gate used as an entrance to the premises of Povodí Vltavy, s. p.!!!!)

Parking in front of the power plant entrance is not possible. Please leave the car at the car park in Solenice or at a larger car park situated higher next at the dam next to the deck. See the map.

Parking for buses, microbuses: follow the instructions received during booking.