CEZ, a. s. - Hydroelectric Power Stations


ČEZ, a. s. - Hydroelectric Power Stations

All of the large hydroelectric power stations, except the Dalešice, Mohelno and Dlouhé Stráně hydroelectric power stations, are situated at the Vltava River where they form a cascade system called the Vltava Cascade.

Capacity of these power stations represents more than 17 % of the total installed capacity of CEZ, a. s.

They have an important power-producing, water-system as well as ecological significance. While they are very resourceful, they do not load environment by any waste and represent an inexpensive resource of electric energy that is used namely in the peak-load periods. Moreover, pumped-storage hydroelectric power stations also enable purposeful use of electricity being produced by a less flexible energy resources in the low consumption periods.

The list of CEZ Group´s Hydroelectric Power Stations

Powe Stations Installed capacity (MW) Year of commissioning
Lipno I 120 1959
Orlík 364 1961–1962
Kamýk 40 1961, 2008
Slapy 144 1954–1955
Štěchovice I 22,5 1943–1944
Vrané 13,88 1936, 2007
Střekov 19,5 1936
Lipno II 1,5 1957
Hněvkovice 9,6 1992
Kořensko I 3,8 1992
Kořensko II 0,98 2000
Želina 0,64 1994
Mohelno 1,2; 0,56 1977;  1999
Dlouhé Stráně II 0,16 1996
Přelouč 2,34 1927
Spálov 2,4 1926
Hradec Králové I 0,75 1926
Práčov 9,75 1953
Pastviny 3 1938
Obříství 3,36 1995
Les Království 2,12 1923
Předměřice nad Labem 2,1 1953
Pardubice 1,96 1978
Spytihněv 2,6 1951
Brno Kníničky 3,1 1941
Brno Komín 0,21 1923
Vydra 6,4 1939
Hracholusky 2,55 1964
Čeňkova Pila 0,1 1912
Černé jezero I 1,5 1930
Černé jezero II 0,04 2004
Černé jezero III 0,37 2005
Bukovec 0,63 2007  
Mělník 0,59 2010  
Štěchovice II 45 1948, 1996
Dalešice 480 1978, 2008
Dlouhé Stráně I 650 1996


The ecological politic of Hydroelectric Power Stations

Production of electric energy in the hydroelectric power stations is accompanied with environmental impacts. Environmental impacts of our activities are reduced by professional management and environmentally conscious attitude from our side. In environmental protection we come out of the knowledge of the technological equipment for production of electric energy, from professional abilities and commitment of our employees. Responsible approach to environment is documented with the following binding principles:

  • Environmental protection is one of the basic priorities of the organizational unit ČEZ, a. s., Hydroelectric Power Stations and becomes an integral part of its management.
  • The basic pre-condition for the environmental protection in hydroelectric power stations is the prevention based on establishing systemic conditions for safe and reliable operation of technological equipment. CEZ, a. s., Hydroelectric Power Stations, is obliged to permanently monitor and assess its ecological profile, and based on the established facts to introduce the appropriate measures aimed at improvements.
  • The basic condition of the environmental management system's functionality is an application of the Czech legal provisions covering the environmental protection.
  • We monitor and assess the environmental impacts of our activities, and use the results of these assessments for entrepreneurial activities and for informing the state and regional administration authorities and the general public.
  • When preparing technological measures aimed at environmental protection we apply the best, economically acceptable, safe and environment-friendly solutions.
  • Our environmental approaches respect conditions of the locations where our power plants are operating, and we attentively respond to a constructive criticism and proposals of the concerned parties.
  • Taking into consideration the location of hydroelectric power stations and in connection to environmental aspect registers, water protection is a priority. Primary effort includes prevention of water-harmful substance leakage to water course. For this purpose, technical and organizational measures are applied. We also contribute to environmental protection, except other, also by a flow balancing and limiting the flood waves in the rivers the energy potential of which is used by us.
  • By systemic training of our employees we are increasing and extending their qualification, skills and ecological consciousness needed for environmental protection.
  • Our selection of suppliers and business partners is based on a careful scrutiny of their approach to environment, and this factor will be more and more emphasized in the future.
  • To fulfil our policy, we set concrete objectives, target values and environmental protection  programs, including the preparation of resources needed for their implementation.
  • Our activities are periodically evaluated and the results of these evaluations are used for improving the quality of our targets and means while searching opportunities for further improvement of the environmental protection.
  • We apply international experiences in environment-friendly operation of hydroelectric power stations. International reputation of the company is increased by a mutual exchange of practical knowledge.