Global Nuclear Power Engineering Development

Nuclear world in 2017

The year 2017 is from the viewpoint of nuclear energy the year of its development and construction of new blocks. In 2017, a total of 447 nuclear power blocks were in operation worldwide with an installed output of 392,335 MWe. A further 57 nuclear power blocks are under construction. The largest construction of new nuclear power plants is taking place in China (20 new reactors), in Russia (7) and in India (6), further in the United Arab Emirates (4) and the South Korea (3).  Two new reactors are, for instance, under construction in neighbouring Slovakia, where the 3rd and 4th blocks of the Mochovce NPP are being completed; Pakistan and Belarus, Finland, France, Argentina and Brazil are also supplementing their nuclear power plants. Nuclear energy is the biggest source of electricity that is free of greenhouse gases and due to the minimum fuel consumption, its operation is very cheap for which reason many other countries that need stable sources for the development of industry also bet on it. In all, an unbelievable total number of 159 reactors are planned worldwide, some have already been ordered - e.g. in Turkey, Vietnam, USA, UK, China, India, South Korea and other countries. The updated State Energy Concept of the Czech Republic and related National Action Plan count on nuclear energy and thus outline the direction of the Czech Republic in securing our energy self-sufficiency.

The Czech Republic has its place especially in the field of research. The main contracts for supply of technological equipment for construction of the first experimental nuclear fusion reactor that is taking place in Cadarache, France were signed. The works should be completed in about 2019. The Czech Research Centre Rez (Centrum výzkumu Řež) is participating in the preparation of the experiments for this reactor with test equipment for the so-called primary reactor wall. The construction of experimental laboratories in Řež u Prahy and in Plzeň within the framework of the SUSEN (Sustainable Energy) Project is being finalised. In French Cadarache, the construction of the largest research nuclear reactor is also in progress under the name Jules Horowitz with an output of 100 MWt. Research Centre Rez for this project is making and delivering the so-called hot chambers for working with material exposed to radiation. A further research reactor, so-called quick reactor, which is sodium-cooled, is being built in Dimitrovgrad, Russia under the project title MBIR with an output of 60 MWt, to which EGP Invest Uherský Brod is supplying the secondary components.