Větrná elektrárna MravenečníkThe first Wind Power Plant of CEZ, a. s., having 315 kW of power output, commenced its trial operation in Krusne Mountains (the Dlouha Louka u Oseka location) in November 1993. On this model power plant, a number of tests and measurements were conducted, e. g. air turbulence effects on the power output, icing and atmospheric electricity effects on power plant operation, power plant operation impacts on the surrounding environment, operation optimization, etc. In 2000, the CEZ company donated this complete, experimental, power plant to the Academy of Science Atmosphere Physics Institution.

The portfolio of resources CEZ Group included the wind farm in Nový Hrádek near Náchod with the original installed capacity of 1,600 kW. The machines were installedon top of Sibenik in 1995. Since 2006 a farm of wind power plants, consisting of for power stations of 400 kW poweroutput, has been operated within the company CEZ Renewable Sources. The machines were due tolong-term noise out of power. In November 2012, they were dismantling and removal.

Větrná elektrárna MravenečníkIn 1998, a farm of wind power plants, consisting of three power stations of 220 kW, 315 kW, and 630 kW power output, in Mravenecnik at Kouty nad Desnou (Jeseniky Mountains), was commissioned into permanent operation. In the period between 1997 and 2002, the set of renewable sources included, in addition, a photovoltaic power plant having 10 kW power output. Since 2003, the solar power plant is situated in the NPP Dukovany area. WPP Mravenecnik was decommissioned during the year 2007 due to its disused technology. CEZ Group plans to build modern wind parks during the upcoming years, mainly in the area of Southern Moravia.