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CEZ Group’s Anti-bribery Policy

GRI 3-3, 205-3

We promote zero tolerance for bribery, corruption and fraud. Since 2021, our anti–bribery management system (ABMS) has been certified according to ISO 37001:2016 – Anti–bribery management systems in the Procurement and Compliance departments. We were the first company listed on the Prague Stock Exchange and the first energy company in Central Europe to meet the international standard.

In 2023, we successfully completed the second surveillance audit as part of the certification. It was reconfirmed that ČEZ, a. s., has set up and maintains a comprehensive and effective ABMS in accordance with the requirements of this standard.

The ISO certification is another step in our efforts to contribute to an ethical and transparent environment. Certification crowns the long–term development of a robust compliance management system based on zero tolerance for corruption. Furthermore, the internationally recognized certificate provides all stakeholders with a guarantee that we continuously take systemic measures to uphold ethical and lawful conduct. For example, we use the four–eyes principle, segregation of roles and duties, limits on the value of gifts, third–party due diligence, a ban on facilitating payments, and rules for negotiating brokerage contracts.

No confirmed case of bribery or corruption was registered in CEZ Group in 2023.

CEZ Group upholds the highest standards of transparency and fully abides by its Code of Conduct. We maintain a strictly apolitical position: we do not engage in public politics, do not exert any political influence, do not provide any political contributions, and do not support any political parties, political events, and initiatives with political agenda. We do not provide any gifts, donations, or financial contributions to political parties, political movements, or political organizations, foundations or associations. We do not provide any financial contributions to organizations or persons in situations that might lead to a conflict of interest or an unfair gain or advantage.

CEZ Group promotes its interests in the European Union through the Public Affairs Office in Brussels, which has two employees. We are registered in the EU Transparency Register as ČEZ 429600710582–32. We abide by the rules of lobbying – a standard means of advocacy in a democratic legal environment. All our actions are duly recorded with the relevant documents in relation to the EU institutions as required by the rules of the register. The records can be found on the relevant union registry website.

Oversight of the lobbying is the responsibility of the Director of Public Affairs, who reports directly to the CEO. In the Czech Republic, she monitors the draft legislation on lobbying so that the company fulfils all its obligations under the law when it is adopted. The Director of Public Affairs has never worked in public administration.

We communicate our vision and policies transparently and openly. We apply our attitudes to legislative drafts primarily within the associations of which we are a member. These include the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic and the Czech Chamber of Commerce and Eurelectric and NuclearEurope in Brussels.

We consider regulatory, legislative, and public administration bodies as our stakeholders. Our cooperation with authorities is based on correctness, transparency, and mutual respect. Any civic or political engagement of our employees must not harm CEZ Group’s reputation. Our employees must refrain from any conflicts of interest or activities that conflict with their work and activities performed for CEZ Group.

We require our suppliers to abide by the legally binding Commitment to Ethical Standards, which among others prohibits bribery and corruption and demands the highest possible level of propriety and transparency when dealing with public authorities.