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Sustainability in CEZ Group

As a leading European energy company, we are committed to setting an example and making the energy sector sustainable, greener and friendlier to our planet. We strive for more diversity, for closer cooperation with communities and to always offer the best technological and energy-saving solutions to our customers. We are CEZ – Clean Energy of Tomorrow.

Daniel Beneš

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ČEZ, a. s.

Sustainability report 2022

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Results of 2022
Climate-neutral by 2040-icon
0/0Climate-neutral by 2040

CEZ Group committed to climate neutrality by 2040, and CEZ Group corporate GHG emissions reduction target for 2030 was validated by the SBTi.

Record-high Emission-free Energy Generation-icon
0/0Record-high Emission-free Energy Generation

Dukovany and Temelín nuclear power plants increased generation by 1% year-on-year, achieving 31.02 TWh - the highest generation of emission-free energy in history.

Lowering Carbon Intensity-icon
0/0Lowering Carbon Intensity

Despite the energy crisis and natural gas shortage, CEZ Group decreased carbon intensity of heat and electricity generation by 1%.

Annual Polluting Emissions Decreased-icon
0/0Annual Polluting Emissions Decreased

PM by 23%, SO2 by 19%, NOx by 9%, and Hg by 37%.

CZK 368.2 million in donations-icon
0/0CZK 368.2 million in donations

CEZ Group and CEZ Foundation are generous corporate donors. Our financial donations reached CZK 368.2 million.

TOP Large Responsible Company 2022-icon
0/0TOP Large Responsible Company 2022

CEZ Group was awarded the title of TOP Large Responsible Company 2022.

Zero Fatalities-icon
0/0Zero Fatalities

97.6% of workforce is covered by Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, and we met our annual target of zero fatalities in 2022.

Largest Interactive Data Tool in Europe-icon
0/0Largest Interactive Data Tool in Europe

CEZ Group is the first Czech company to launch a public online ESG library and data tool. The tool provides the most comprehensive data of all European utilities.

Reporting on SDGs and TCFD-icon
0/0Reporting on SDGs and TCFD

CEZ Group issued its first SDG Report and TCFD Report.

Responsible Water Stewardship-icon
0/0Responsible Water Stewardship

CEZ Group is the first Czech supporter of the CEO Water Mandate Initiative, committing to responsible water stewardship.

CEZ Group Joins TNFD
144 Charging Stations in 2023
CEZ Loan Linked to ESG Rating
Record Number of Grid Connections