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Crucian Carp Rescue Program in Ledvice Power Plant


A retention tank in the CEZ Group Ledvice power plant becomes a new home to the crucian carp, one of the most endangered fish species in Czechia.

The crucian carp used to be one of our most common fish species, abundant in stagnant waters and silted-up ponds. It is a master at surviving in inhospitable conditions and can switch to an oxygen-free metabolism, thus surviving winter under ice. In recent years, however, the crucian carp has been steadily displaced by the Prussian carp, an invasive species of similar resilience and adaptation capability.  

In a retention tank in the Ledvice power plant, ideal conditions have been created for the rescue of the crucian carp: aquatic plants, algae, and a fine layer of mud that supports the benthos, i.e., the animal and plant organisms that inhabit shores and bottoms of bodies of water. Successful reproduction of the crucian carp is made possible by closed controlled breeding. In three years, a sample catch should take place. If breeding is successful, and the population thrives, the offspring will be released back into the wild.