2. 12. 2016

International Auditors: Temelín Meets New International Environmental Protection Standards

New measures taken by Temelín to protect the environment were checked by experts from international audit firm Det Norske Veritas in recent days. According to the auditors, Temelín protects the environment in compliance with new international standards that have been in effect since the beginning of this year. The Southern Bohemian nuclear power plant thus successfully defended its prestigious environmental certificate.

The international auditors wanted to know, in particular, how the Temelín power plant manages water and whether it is ready to handle leaks of process media. For example, they checked the condition of intercepting traps for leaked oil products or raw water supply lines. According to the auditors, Temelín’s water management system is of a very high standard. “We check Temelín regularly and have come to expect a high standard. However, a new international environmental protection standard has been in effect since the beginning of the year. Temelín staff did a good job implementing the new requirements,” says Vlastimil Pejčoch, team leader from international audit firm Det Norske Veritas.

ČEZ invests tens of millions of CZK in environmental protection at Temelín every year. “Environmental protection is an important part of the power plant’s operations. That’s why we keep improving it, among other things. For example, this year we started important upgrades to water supply and wastewater pipelines or extensive modification of our wastewater treatment plant,” Bohdan Zronek, Temelín power plant director, mentions specific examples.

The Temelín power plant has held an environmental management system (EMS) certificate since 2004. It is one of ten firms in Southern Bohemia that meet the requirements of the international environmental standard according to Det Norske Veritas’ auditors.

The Temelín Nuclear Power Plant generated first electricity in December 2000. Today, it is the largest electricity generation facility in the Czech Republic. Its safe and zero-emission production covers one-fifth of Czech consumption. In 2014, it generated 14.95 billion kWh of electricity. Temelín’s electricity would keep Southern Bohemia powered for almost 3.5 years and all Czech households would get by with it for an entire year.