5. 1. 2022

Last year ČEZ Prodej installed 1,514 rooftop photovoltaics, almost two and a half times as many as in 2020

The total capacity of these 1,514 rooftop photovoltaic power plants reached 7.4 MW. Customers are particularly interested in solar power plants supplemented by battery systems. Last year, ČEZ Prodej installed 939 batteries at its customers, i.e., twice as many. Interest in heat pumps has also increased, with ČEZ technicians installing 1,118 of them in Czech households last year, compared to 514 in 2020. In addition to market growth and rising energy prices, the increase in the number of installations has also been helped by the fact that ČEZ Prodej has significantly streamlined the entire process from offer to installation and the customer is now kept regularly informed every step of the way.

ČEZ prepares the entire project of a rooftop photovoltaic power plant with storage or a heat pump for customers on a turnkey basis and is able to provide financing, including the processing of the subsidy application. It provides a 25-year warranty on 85% of the panels' output, 15 years on the panels themselves, 5 years on the ČEZ Battery Box and 10 years on 80% of its battery capacity, plus a five-year labor warranty.

"Interest in our services in the field of modern energy is growing rapidly. Practically everyone is already thinking about whether to get photovoltaics when building a new house or renovating the roof. Solar power plants are already becoming a standard in the Czech Republic, and interest has increased significantly with the rising price of energy. We are glad that our customers turn to us. With their own photovoltaics, customers save both the environment and their family budgets," says Tomáš Kadlec, CEO of ČEZ Prodej.

ČEZ Prodej installs most photovoltaics together with battery systems. There are two basic products from the Czech manufacturer OIG Power. Firstly, the ČEZ Battery Box 1F EASY with a basic capacity of 4.8 kWh and a maximum output of 3.7 kWp of the connected power plant. And then the ČEZ Battery Box Home with an output of 7.2 to 12 kWh and a maximum power plant capacity of 10 kWp when connected with a “micro-source”, which does not need a license from the ERO.

The combination with a heat pump is also popular, where the entire household can be controlled as a smart home using common software. It can also control other appliances and technologies (lighting blinds, garage, pool heating), so it's truly possible to control your entire household like a smart home. The app also works with weather forecasts and automatically reduces energy consumption.

ČEZ Prodej has also concluded more than a thousand more contracts for additional photovoltaics and batteries, which it will connect next year. However, due to the huge interest in the second half of the year, the time required to process the entire installation is being extended.

"We are operating at 150 percent and we are not letting up even now in the winter. We'll install them as long as the weather permits. We are recruiting new people so that we can meet customer demand as quickly as possible," explained Petr Ouška, ČEZ Sales Director for Non-Commodity Services.

At this time, ČEZ Prodej recommends that customers interested in modern technologies contact us well in advance. Interest in photovoltaics and other energy-saving solutions from ČEZ is now skyrocketing and delivery times have lengthened. Due to the COVID epidemic, supply chains have been disrupted and some components are difficult to obtain. It also usually takes about a month to process the subsidy. It can take 3-4 months from the signing of the contract to the installation of the photovoltaic system. "In any case, we try to keep the client informed regularly about what we have already resolved and what is still to come, so that he has a clear idea of the whole process from quote to installation," concluded Petr Ouška.

Did you know that... 

  • ČEZ Prodej offers a turnkey service, including the preparation of documentation, subsidy consulting, application for connection or loan?
  • ČEZ Prodej guarantees the acquisition of subsidies from the New Green Savings?
  • South, west or east facing roofs are suitable for PV installation? They can be either angled or straight, they just need to have sufficient loadbearing capacity.
  • One megawatt-hour of electricity generated from a photovoltaic plant saves almost one tonne of CO2 that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere if the same amount of electricity were generated from conventional coal-fired power plants?
  • People most often have photovoltaic power plants of around 5 kilowatts installed on their roofs?

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