26. 10. 2021

Interest in emission-free nuclear power is growing. ČEZ ESCO newly supplies it to Spolchemie

Floor coverings, durable coatings for kitchen appliances, and pharmaceuticals – that is just a small example of the broad range of applications for the products of SPOLCHEMIE, a Czech chemical company with a 165-year history, which relies on ecology, modernises its production processes, and reduces its carbon footprint. A newly concluded contract with ČEZ ESCO for the supply of emission-free electricity will help the company achieve “greener” production. From now through to the end of 2024, SPOLCHEMIE will purchase more than 900 GWh of electricity generated in Czech nuclear power plants. The interest in clean electricity among large companies is also growing in connection with meeting European climate commitments.

SPOLCHEMIE has signed a contract with ČEZ ESCO for the purchase of emission-free electricity for a volume of approximately 280 GWH per year.  In total, this will save SPOLCHEMIE 480,000 tonnes of CO2 by the end of 2024.  The pressure to reduce greenhouse gas production stems from European climate commitments.  EU Member States have agreed to tighten their climate targets by 2030, meaning that total emissions must be reduced by at least 55 percent as compared to 1990.  The European Union strives to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, like Japan, South Korea, Canada, and Brazil.

“As a major industrial firm, we want to set an example for other companies in our industry and beyond.  We take our environmental commitments very seriously and continuously modernise our production processes.  We were one of the first Czech chemical companies to sign up to the global Responsible Care initiative for responsible business in chemistry, back in 1994. I consider having our entire production process powered by clean energy with a zero-climate footprint as the next logical step in our strategy to become a green SPOLECHEMIE,” says Daniel Tamchyna, CEO of the company, with respect to the importance of the newly concluded contract.

“We are pleased that there is a growing interest in the supply of zero-emission electricity.  Companies like SPOLCHEMIE are setting an example for others.  Currently, we already supply emission-free electricity from nuclear sources to ten companies and we are negotiating with others,” adds Kamil Čermák, CEO of ČEZ ESCO, a leading supplier of energy-saving solutions for companies, cities, and municipalities.

ČEZ ESCO offers both the supply of electricity from renewable sources and the supply of emission-free electricity from nuclear power plants.  The entire process of handling emission-free electricity is fully transparent and verified by an external independent certification authority, Bureau Veritas.  The customer receives a certificate confirming that it has purchased electricity from a Czech emission-free source.

This is not the first cooperation between ČEZ ESCO and SPOLCHEMIE.  ČEZ ESCO’s subsidiary ČEZ Energetické služby built a new very high voltage power supply for the plant, worth CZK 45 million, for the North Bohemian company.


SPOLCHEMIE is a Czech chemical company of European importance with a history of production going back to 1856.  It is a leading producer of synthetic resins in Europe, whose basic range consists of epoxy and alkyd resins, hydroxides and chlorine derivatives, hardeners, and solvents, etc.  SPOLCHEMIE’s products are used in sectors such as construction, transport, energy, electronics, the pharmaceutical industry, and others.

For more, see www. www.SPOLCHEMIE.cz


ČEZ ESCO (Energy Service Company) is a ČEZ subsidiary focused on services related to modern energy, decarbonisation, and reduction of the climate footprint for industrial customers, municipalities, and institutions.  These include energy audits and energy consulting, construction and operation of cogeneration units, implementation of metering systems, renovation of heating systems, and installation of photovoltaic power plants.  ČEZ ESCO also supplies services related to public and corporate electromobility and provides electricity, gas, and heat supply, purchases electricity, trades in emission allowances, operates and services energy facilities.  It has nearly 2,000 employees.  The subsidiaries of ČEZ ESCO include AirPlus, AZ KLIMA, Bytkomfort, ESCO Distribúčné sústavy, ČEZ Energetické služby, ČEZ ENERGO, ČEZ LDS, Domat Control System, E-Dome, ENESA, ESCO SLOVENSKO, HORMEN, KART, KLF-Distribúcia, and Spravbytkomfort.

Fore more, see www.cezesco.cz.