3. 6. 2022

Major energy saving project is launched: The Thomayer University Hospital will save over CZK 7 million annually on energy costs and 2,500 tons of CO2 emissions

 The EPC project will take place in 20 buildings; it is part of the hospital’s modernisation.

 It is the largest EPC project implemented at university hospitals in the Czech Republic, and during full operation.

 Guaranteed annual energy savings of CZK 7.1 million at 2021 prices and 2,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Savings will be even higher in 2022 due to rising energy prices.

 The hospital will reduce gas and electricity consumption by at least 30%.

 The investment will total almost CZK 365 million (excl. VAT), of which the structural cost-saving measures account for CZK 318 million and CZK 47 million will be spent on modern energy-saving technologies.

 The EU subsidy amounts to 45% of the expenditure under the OP EN and 50% will be covered from the state budget. Other costs will be paid from the hospital’s budget.

The Thomayer University Hospital has taken off on a more than one-year modernisation marathon, which includes this year’s major energy saving project in the Czech Republic. Once finished, patients and staff will see a significant improvement in indoor comfort, and the facility will significantly reduce the energy intensity of its operations: over 5 years, it will save 18 GWh of natural gas and 10 GWh of electricity. The project is being implemented via the energy performance contracting (EPC) method, meaning that the hospital’s savings are guaranteed directly in the contract. The project is being implemented by a consortium comprising METROSTAV DIZ, ENESA from the ČEZ ESCO Holding and METROSTAV.

“The Thomayer University Hospital has launched the largest construction and energy modernisation of our pavilions in the last forty years. The insulation of our seven pavilions is part of a large energy-saving project. The project includes 20 of our facilities in total. We are the first teaching hospital in the Czech Republic that has decided to use the EPC format, where the supplier directly guarantees savings in the contract. We are delighted that part of the costs will be quickly recovered from the energy savings we have made. At the same time, we will save a significant volume of gas and thus support the energy self-sufficiency of the Czech Republic,” said hospital director Doc. MUDr. Zdeněk Beneš, CSc., adding: These energy savings will also significantly help us in protecting our environment, which is very important to us.”

“At a time of rising energy prices and increased importance of energy security, betting on energy-saving EPC projects is the best solution. We guarantee savings of at least CZK 35.5 million for the hospital in the first five years, but in reality, according to our experience from previous projects, the customer almost always saves even more. The solution includes energy management, which continuously evaluates the achieved savings and proposes further improvements,” said Daniel Beneš, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of ČEZ.

A clear environmental benefit is the annual reduction of CO2 emissions by 2,517 tonnes, the same amount produced by a conventional 100 MW power unit in 1 day of operation.

The Thomayer University Hospital in Prague’s Krč district was inaugurated in 1928 as one of the most modern facilities of its kind in Europe. This was on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the First Czechoslovak Republic. As a result, a number of its buildings are under historical protection, and the wooden windows will be replaced with exact replicas.

“We are pleased to have been able to apply our extensive experience in reducing the energy consumption of buildings in the healthcare sector to this major contract. Improving insulation technologies are bringing really significant reductions in consumption. At the same time, we have to proceed as sensitively as possible in order to comply with all the applicable rules when modernising listed historical buildings,” said Ing. Karel Volf, MBA, Chairman of the Board of Executives of the consortium of Metrostav DIZ, ENESA and Metrostav.

In addition to insulation of the roofs and external walls and replacement of the windows and entrance doors, the lighting system will also be modernised. Almost 11,500 fixtures will be replaced with modern LED lighting, which will have 60% lower energy consumption compared to the existing types, resulting in savings of CZK 4.6 million per year.

There are also plans to install an advanced system to regulate the heating of individual rooms according to the type or time of use. Each room automatically controls its own heat supply according to its immediate needs, independently of the other rooms. This will make it possible to maintain a higher temperature in patients’ rooms, staff rooms or dining rooms than in the corridors, restrooms or stairwells - always with regard to indoor comfort and reasonable energy consumption.

“Similar energy saving projects with the ČEZ ESCO label and financed via the EPC method are already operating successfully at 18 hospitals and healthcare facilities. We help to reduce electricity, gas, heat and water expenses and thus contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. We have installed CHP units in a number of other hospitals or are helping them to operate their energy management. Contracts in the healthcare sector are all the more demanding because they naturally take place during full operation, which was particularly difficult during the COVID pandemic,” recalled Kamil Čermák, CEO of ČEZ ESCO.

Among the successfully implemented CEZ ESCO/ENESA EPC projects in the healthcare sector are the hospitals in Jihlava, Karlovy Vary, Česká Lípa, Ústí nad Orlicí, Chrudim, Jevíček, Litomyšl, Trutnov, Třinec, and Havířov. In Slovakia, the largest ever EPC project in the country is at the hospital in Nové Zámky. 


Energy performance contracting (abbreviated EPC) includes the design of energy-saving measures, and the preparation, implementation and, if necessary, securing of financing for projects leading to energy savings in buildings. All project risks are borne by the contractor and if the achieved savings do not meet the predetermined model, the contractor pays the difference. Thorough energy management is an integral part of EPC. Investments in EPC projects typically have a payback period of 6 to 10 years.

About the Thomayer University Hospital:

The Thomayer University Hospital (FTN) is one of the oldest and largest healthcare facilities in the Czech Republic. The founder is the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic. The hospital’s history began in 1928, when it was inaugurated on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the founding of the first Czechoslovak Republic, at that time under the name of Masaryk Homes. It celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2018 and provides healthcare for one of the largest catchment areas in Prague. This includes the Prague 4 municipal district and part of the Central Bohemian Region. It also provides specialized treatment in many fields for patients from all over the Czech Republic. Nearly 2,600 employees work at FTN. FTN has a total of 13 clinics and more than 1,000 beds.

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ČEZ ESCO (Energy Service Company) is a subsidiary of ČEZ that focuses on services related to modern energy, decarbonisation and reducing the climate footprint for industrial customers, municipalities and institutions. These include energy audits and energy consulting, the construction and operation of cogeneration (CHP) units, implementation of metering systems, renovation of heating systems and installation of photovoltaic power plants. ČEZ ESCO also provides services related to public and corporate electromobility. It also ensures the supply of electricity, gas and heat, electricity feed-in, the trading of emission allowances, operation of energy facilities and their servicing. It has about 2,000 employees. ČEZ ESCO subsidiaries include AirPlus, AZ KLIMA, Bytkomfort, CAPEXUS, ESCO Distribúčné sústavy, ČEZ Energetické služby, ČEZ ENERGO, ČEZ LDS, Domat Control System, E-Dome, EP Rožnov, ENESA, ESCO SLOVAKIA, HORMEN, KART, KLF-Distribúcia and Spravbytkomfort.

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