13. 9. 2022

The outage of Temelín's Unit 2 completed

Today, Unit 2 of Temelín NPP started to produce electricity again. Operators have connected it to the transmission system after replacing a quarter of the fuel assemblies. The power plant technicians also checked safety systems, an important internal part of the reactor or the steam turbine. They managed to perform over fifteen thousand activities during two months, including six dozen investment events. Together with the Dukovany power plant, all six nuclear units are currently in operation.

The Temelín's Unit 2 began to deliver electricity into the transmission grid again at 50 % of the reactor rated power. The power plant technicians are now waiting for tests at eighty percent of reactor rated power and verification of the proper functioning of the equipment in both the nuclear and non-nuclear parts. They focus on even power distribution in the reactor and balancing the turbine set, where hundredths of millimeters make the difference.

"These are the standard checks during Unit start from the planned outage. We must be absolutely sure that the block is 100% ready for further operation. This is why the reactor will only reach full capacity few days after its start-up and evaluation of all necessary controls,”

said Jan Kruml, Director of the Temelín Nuclear Power Plant.

The reactor was launched by the power plant at the Saturday evening, after almost three days and many checks connected to the turbine generator and the transmission system. At that moment, Unit 2 of Temelín NPP started to produce electricity again. The Unit will reach full power in the following days.

"We have five out of six total outages done, and the last outage of Unit 3 in Dukovany remains. We are doing everything to ensure that the nuclear units are prepared for the winter and contribute significantly to the energy needs of the Czech Republic,"

stated Bohdan Zronek, member of the Board of Directors of ČEZ and Director of the Nuclear Energy Division.

During the outage of Temelín's Unit 2, the power engineers exchanged 42 of the 163 fuel assemblies, checked safety systems, or carried out 67 investment actions. For example, the internal reactor shaft underwent a detailed inspection. Including the external suppliers, around a thousand people participated in the outage works.

Unit 3 of the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant is still waiting for the replacement of about a quarter of the fuel assemblies this year. It will be the last planned outage of Czech nuclear units this year. In the long term, both Czech nuclear power plants cover more than a third of the total electricity production in the Czech Republic.