It's just one word. Some consider it as an unnecessarily overused and empty phrase. However, it would be difficult for us to find another word that would have a greater meaning to us than that. We do not want to be and we are not yet another ordinary company that generates electricity with the profit from its sales as the only indicator of interest. We are aware of our responsibility to society and especially to those who come after us. We know very well that our descendants will not only be curious about how many terawatt-hours of electricity their ancestors were able to produce. They will be eager to find out what kind of world they live in, and that's why we have to focus on protecting it today.
We have embodied this view in a comprehensive Sustainable Development Strategy. Simply put, a set of ethical principles in the area of behaviour towards employees, society and the environment. We have been and will be guided by these principles for years to come.

Sustainable development strategy - ENERGY FOR THE FUTURE 

„We do business in a world that simply no longer cares about plain profits and economic efficiency. Topics related to our responsibility for the lives of our descendants come to the forefront. The topic of SUSTAINABILITY is resonating across the world, and people are searching and finding the answers to fundamental societal questions. We found the answers and have accepted our responsibility for the shape of the world of our descendants.“

Daniel Beneš
Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ČEZ, a. s.


CEZ Group is committed to SDGs - the Goals to Transform Our World

We respect the sustainability agenda adopted by the Czech government in the strategic Framework Czech Republic 2030 and we apply two key principles of the United Nations 2030 Agenda: quality of life and sustainability.

The Czech strategic framework is based on seventeen global sustainable development goals (SDGs) adapted by the United nations member States in 2015. We link the selected global topics to CEZ Group’s sustainable development strategy. 

In 2015, countries adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development  Goals. In 2016, the Paris Agreement on climate change entered into force, addressing the need to limit the rise of global temperatures

The Sustainable Development Goals are a call for action by all countries – poor, rich and middle-income – to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. They recognize that ending poverty must go hand-in-hand with strategies that build economic growth and address a range of social needs including education, health, social protection, and job opportunities, while tackling climate change and environmental protection.