28. 6. 2018

On Friday evening, ČEZ shuts down Temelín's Unit 2 as scheduled. The reasons are the equipment inspections and refuelling

Refuelling, checks of the turbine and of the safety systems and the reconstruction of the circulation cooling water piping. These are only examples of the most important works to be done during the Unit 2 outage. Overall, the technicians plan to do over ten thousand actions and, above all, they want to do it within two months.

ČEZ company planned the start of the Unit 2 outage for Friday evening. During the weekend, technology will be gradually cooled down and the works themselves will start on Monday. Among the first activities, the opening of the reactor will take place, which is planned for four days.

The most important work during the outage, it is e refuelling. The power plant technicians will first load the upgraded fuel type TVSA-T, mod.2. In total, there will be a 48 upgraded fuel assemblies that will make up the original type of fuel. “In comparison with the previous type, the upgraded fuel has certain structural adjustments. The fuel assembly is more mechanical resistant, fuel pellets are of a different design and there are also changes in the fuel cladding. Its use had to be preceded by a demanding licensing process of the State Office of Nuclear Safety”, explains Bohdan Zronek, member of the Board of Directors of ČEZ. (In may, Temelin NPP made up its fuel stocks - https://www.cez.cz/cs/pro-media/tiskove-zpravy/6413.html)

The loading of the new fuel is planned by the technicians for the first half of August. Even before, four containers with spent fuel will be brought to spent fuel storage. They will fill the 35th to 38th storage positions from the total of 152.

From the point of view of the outage length, the key works will be those on the turbine and inspections of the safety divisions. “The turbine will be completely disassembled and all three low pressure turbines rotors will be brought to inspection and reconstruction of the fourth orbiting wheels to the manufacturers in Pilsen,” adds Jan Kruml, director of the Nuclear Power Plant Temelin.

Inspections of all three security divisions are part of any outage, this time, the modernization of the outlet node of the of the essential service water will take place. The work will be demanding, because it will be a lot of activities within a very small area.

In connection with the operation of cooling towers, the cleaning of intake piping and pools under the towers will take place. In addition to that, an important reconstruction of the internal surface of the piping interconnecting the cooling towers with process equipment within the machine hall will start. http://virtualniprohlidky.cez.cz/cez-temelin/

Together with suppliers, approximately 1,000 people will be included in the outage works. The Unit 1 outage took place from the beginning of December last year till the beginning of March, it lasted 83 days and the ČEZ company managed to cope with it with six days of advance. (https://www.cez.cz/cs/pro-media/tiskove-zpravy/6305.html)

Since the beginning of the year, Temelín has produced 7,66 TWh of electricity.


Ing. Marek Sviták
Temelín NPP ČEZ Group Spokesman