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ČEZ aims to be among the top 20% of energy companies in sustainability rating by the decade’s end. A new department will see to it.

By the end of this decade, CEZ Group wants to be between the 20% of the best-rated energy companies in Europe in terms of sustainability ratings. The new ESG department led by Katerina Bohuslavová as the Chief Sustainability Officer will see to the fulfilment of the goal. ESG indicators play an increasing role in the decision-making not only of investors, banks, and insurance companies, but also customers and employees.

13. 10. 2021

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Michaela Chaloupková and Martin Novák to Continue as Members of the Board of Directors ČEZ

The Supervisory Board of ČEZ confirmed at its session yesterday that Michaela Chaloupková, Administration Division Director, and Martin Novák, Finance Division Director, will continue their offices as members of the Board of Directors. Martin Novák’s next term of office will commence on 24 May 2020, while that of Michaela Chaloupková will begin on 1 January 2020. This will ensure continuity in key corporate management areas.

20. 12. 2019

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ČEZ Stock Option Program Canceled

The ČEZ Supervisory Board has approved the cancellation of the Stock Option Program for ČEZ management and has replaced it with a new, stricter system of long-term performance bonuses for members of the Board of Directors. This change was initiated by the Supervisory Board itself one year ago after its new members took up their offices. The new program of long-term performance bonuses improves the consistency of the interests of beneficiaries and shareholders and is linked to stock price, dividend distribution and performance of the company. Thus beneficiaries will, in the long run, participate in the growth or decline of shareholder value. The new system starts 1 .1. 2020.

29. 11. 2019

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Martin Novák confirmed as a Member of the ČEZ Board of Directors

At today’s meeting, the ČEZ Supervisory Board re-elected Martin Novák as member of the board of directors for the next four-year term that runs from May next year. “With the approaching end of the current office term of this key manager, the company in this way expressed that it also counts on him for the future. Thanks to this, continuity shall be maintained in key areas of company management, especially at present when he was in the scope of recent changes delegated to head the entire Operations Team from next year,” explained Chairman of the Supervisory Board prof. Václav Pačes.

17. 12. 2015