31. 1. 2022

Interest in working at ČEZ grew for a third consecutive year in 2021, with more women attracted to the energy sector

The country’s largest energy company hired a total of 1,195 new employees in 2021. The number of women hired increased compared to the previous year – last year, they accounted for 43% of new employees. A third of new hires were university graduates, whose share in ČEZ and integrated subsidiaries amounts to a total of 34.2%. Interest in working at nuclear power plants grew sharply compared to 2020.

A total of 384 new colleagues joined the parent company, ČEZ, a. s., last year, 190 of them joining the nuclear energy division.  New applicants mainly went to the Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant, which hired fifty percent more people than in the previous year; at Temelín, it was one-third more.  Also growing was the Dukovany II power plant team, which is responsible for the preparation of new nuclear units at Dukovany, as well as the Renewable Resources team.  A third of the total number of newcomers went to sales and roughly 20% to distribution.  Last year’s statistics thus reflect the updated strategy of ČEZ Group focused on decarbonisation, customer friendliness, and modernisation of distribution networks.

Last year, more women were attracted to work in the energy sector, as well: they accounted for 43% of new hires, compared to 40.6% in 2020.  The share of new hires under 30 remained similar to the previous year (38% in total), but aside from that, ČEZ also gave a chance to dozens of people in the over-50 category (a total of 9.5% of newcomers).

“We have supported work team diversity for some time; after all, ČEZ was one of the first signatories of the Diversity Charter in the Czech Republic.  Statistics of new hires confirm that we are succeeding in recruiting not only more women, but also people in different age categories.  Last year, we adopted a new diversity and inclusion policy to reinforce this trend.  We are working on the transformation to a zero-emission energy industry, and we want the best people in the entire labour market,” said Member of the Management Board and head of the Administration Division Michaela Chaloupková. 

One of the goals of the updated strategy Vision 2030 – Clean Energy Tomorrow that has been announced is to maintain our position as an employer of choice.  ČEZ succeeded in doing that as well last year: for the second consecutive year, it defended its position as the absolute winner with the title Clear Choice in the TOP Employers 2021 poll, in which Czech university students vote; and in the Sodexo Employer of the Year 2021 competition, it came second (ČEZ, a. s., category over 5,000 employees) and third (ČEZ Distribuce, category up to 5,000 employees).

On average, ČEZ advertised ninety-five vacancies per month on its career website www.kdejinde.cz last year.  The exception was October, when demand shot up to 150 positions – this was mainly a staffing boost for ČEZ Prodej, which suddenly had to take over hundreds of thousands of customers after the collapse of supplier Bohemia Energy.  There were 14.5 applicants per position on average, approximately the same as in 2019.  Last year’s fluctuation (19 applicants per position) was caused by the onset of the Covid-19 epidemic, when a large number of people from the service sector were looking for a career change.  ČEZ received 22,248 responses to the vacancies advertised, of which 43% were from women.