28. 1. 2021

Písek transfers to electric buses. It has five charging stations and two ultra-fast 170kW stands

Písek public transit is making a complete switch to electric drive. Five new electric buses will have their base on premises with seven charging stations that were delivered by ČEZ ESCO as turnkey projects. With the renewal of its public transit fleet, the city on the Otava River is fulfilling its Smart Písek strategy. ČEZ has also supported individual mobility in Písek for some time, operating three rapid charging stations.

ČSAD Autobusy České Budějovice, operating public transit in Písek, chose ČEZ ESCO to build the charging facility premises for its fleet of five new electric buses of the types SOR EBN 11 and EBN 8.  The recharging of the power in the batteries of the new e-buses is ensured by an equal number of recharging stations with an output of 44 kW, and two ultra-rapid stands with an output of up to170 kW.

“Písek has joined the group of 21st century cities that boast environmentally friendly public transit.  Its new fleet of electric buses is clearly more nature-friendly and will bring significant operating savings to the city.  We believe that both the inhabitants of Písek and its visitors will appreciate environmentally friendly vehicles,” says Eva Vanžurová, the Mayor of Písek.

“Electric buses in Písek are a reality.  We are a modern carrier that believes in and uses modern technologies.  Public transit is a sector that must set an example in using environmentally friendly technologies.  We are happy that we are able to operate public transit in Písek with the use of electric buses that can today be considered number one in environmentally efficient vehicles,” said Vladimír Homola, CEO of ČSAD Autobusy České Budějovice.

“I view the services for ČEZ ESCO for emission-free mass transit as an important part of the development of cities and practical implementation of the concept of smart solutions.  In Písek, ČEZ ESCO has worked on a long-term basis on the successful project of energy savings through EPC, and we are happy to add another “piece” to the mosaic of a clean city in which it is pleasant to live.  Aside from the technology for charging and comprehensive servicing for the seven charging stations, we also provide lighting for a part of the premises,” adds ČEZ ESCO’s CEO, Kamil Čermák.

Whereas the five standard stations serve primarily for night-time charging and traction battery balancing, the two rapid charging stations are used to support higher daytime driving distance.  They are able to charge up an electric bus within one or two hours to a capacity required for completing a run.  The solution from ČEZ ESCO includes a newly built transformer station connected to the high-voltage distribution grid that supplies the entire premises.  The contract was delivered as a guaranteed turnkey service to be provided for 5 years.

ČEZ is also building infrastructure required for the development of electric cars in the South-Bohemian Region. Currently, there are 10 public rapid charging stations available with an output of 50 kW, capable of recharging most of an e-car battery’s capacity within tens of minutes.  Aside from three stands in the region’s capital of České Budějove, the same number of stations is available in Písek and one each in Třeboň, Soběslav, Prachatic, and Vimperk.  Stations in new locales are currently in the pipeline.  Overall, ČEZ operates more than 270 public charging stations in the Czech Republic.  For the map of charging station locales and a comprehensive set of information, see www.elektromobilita.cz


ČEZ ESCO, a ČEZ Group company involved in electromobility that offers a broad range of related services and products for corporations, municipalities, and regions.  This includes, for example, turnkey design and installation of charging stations, car fleet electrification, charging platforms, including IT solutions, lease or sale or electric cars, and wall-boxes and cables for charging.  To local authorities, ČEZ offers the construction and operation of charging stations for electric buses and electromobility concept design for cities and regions.


ČSAD Autobusy České Budějovice operates passenger bus carriage, scheduled as well as charter transport, in the South-Bohemian Region.  ČSAD Autobusy České Budějovice also operates public and commuter bus carriage in a number of towns in the South-Bohemian Region and is one of the carriers involved in the Integrated Transport System of the South-Bohemian Region.


  • ČEZ Group engages in diverse forms of operation of electric buses in Prague, Trutnov, Třinec, Vrchlabí, Olomouc, and Nový Jičín?
  • The power required for charging a 172kWh battery of one of Písek’s electric buses up to its full capacity was generated by the South-Bohemian nuclear power plant in Temelín in less than half a second?

The first city in the Czech Republic that has deployed an electric bus on a regular public transit line was Znojmo in 2004?  At that time, it was the only city in Europe where an e-bus was used in public transport.