26. 3. 2021

Temelín is scheduled to refuel the reactor of Unit 1. Anti-Covid measures are tightened up for the outage

Nearly fourteen thousand activities including refueling are waiting for the power plant technicians during the planned outage of the Temelín Unit 1. The outage will start this evening and take place in a tightened-up “Covid Mode”. In practice, this can mean up to one thousand Covid tests to be performed a day. The technicians had planned two months of work in the outage.

In addition to the plant’s personnel, up to five hundred employees of supplier companies are expected on-site during the outage. Thus, anti-Covid measures were tightened up even further before the outage.

“This will be the first Temelín outage, during which we will test for Covid in full. We are prepared for the increased influx of people in terms of both personnel and logistics. For key professions, we have strictly separated teams A and B. For these people, we will also shorten the weekly testing period; we will test foreign workers for the first five days virtually every day,”

said Jan Kruml, Temelín Power Plant Director.

The plant’s personnel Covid testing system was launched and gradually strengthened by the plant’s management since early February. Currently, the system allows you to perform up to 1000 Covid tests per day.

“As an element of critical infrastructure, we must be stricter and ahead of national measures. We can only manage the outage in good quality and on time if we maintain a favorable health situation at the plant. In Dukovany, we succeed in applying this during the Unit 4 outage and we are prepared in Temelín as well,”

assured Bohdan Zronek, member of the ČEZ Board of Directors and Director of the Nuclear Energy Division.

The technicians have got almost 14,000 activities in the outage schedule, including 73 investment actions. Regular actions include replacing about a quarter of the fuel (48 out of 163 fuel assemblies this year) and inspecting the safety systems. “Besides, we face a demanding replacement of both moisture separator-reheaters this year. There are up to 500 partial activities in the schedule of this event and, as last year at Unit 2, we expect an increase in output here, in the order of megawatt units,“ specified Jan Kruml.

There will be a lot of work around the turbine. The technicians will install special equipment for vibration reduction and will enhance the turbine diagnostic system. Seven investment actions will be carried out on the circulation cooling water system. One of the unit transformers will be replaced within the electrical part of the plant Two containers with spent fuel will be moved from the pool next to the reactor to the warehouse on the power plant site.

Unit 1 was in operation since mid-May last year. The power plant’s shutdown is planned by ČEZ for tonight and will occur at approximately one-third of the reactor rated power.

Including the external suppliers, around a thousand people are involved in the outage works. It is the first planned outage at Temelín this year. The technicians plan the Unit 2 outage for the beginning of July.