12. 6. 2020

Temelín is scheduled to refuel the reactor of Unit 2

The refueling, inspections of safety systems, and the implementation of 55 investment activities. These are just examples of the most important works to be performed during the planned Unit 2 outage. Overall, technicians are planning to carry out nearly twelve thousand activities and want to master it within two months.

Unit 2 was in uninterrupted operation since August 10 last year. The power plant's shutdown is planned for Friday night and will occur at approximately one-third of the reactor rated power. During each shutdown, the energy utility periodically replaces a part of the fuel. This time, 42 of the 163 fuel assemblies will be replaced in the reactor. Inspections of key safety systems will also be important for the total length of the outage. For example, the first safety division will have an extensive inspection of the diesel generator. This will include a detailed inspection of the bearings, pistons, injection pumps, or cylinder heads. To that extent, it shall be done every twelve years.

Also, technicians are planning to master 55 investment projects. The replacement of two separators will be very demanding. Technicians from the German company Balcke-Dürr, GmbH brought the equipment that removes moisture from the steam and reheats it from their manufacturing works to the site during May. Those were the largest transports of ČEZ for nuclear power plants in the last twenty years. ČEZ's management expects output increase from their use.

"It will be increased by units of MWe. This is another example of modernization and improvement of the efficiency of the equipment in the non-nuclear part, in addition with environmental benefits due to the saving of thousands of tons of CO2 emissions per year,"

said Bohdan Zronek, member of the ČEZ Board of Directors and Director of the Nuclear Energy Division.

Two containers with spent fuel will be moved from the pool next to the reactor to the warehouse on the power plant site.

After three months of coronavirus measures, the power plant is slowly returning to normal operation.


"We will certainly leave things that worked well during the "coronavirus outage". For example, Skype communication in the case of important meetings or the modified operating mode for the outage control center. The emphasis will continue to be put on disinfection, and we will continue to wear the face masks at a working contact of fewer than two meters,"

emphasized Jan Kruml, Director of the Temelín plant.

Including the external suppliers, around a thousand people are involved in the outage works. It is the second planned outage at Temelín this year. In the spring, Unit 1 was shut down for two months.