25. 3. 2020

ČEZ Applies for Permission to Construct Two New Blocks at the Dukovany Nuclear Power Station

Today, ČEZ filed for permission with the State Office for Nuclear Safety to build new nuclear power blocks at Dukovany. This concluded its five-year preparations, being now ready for the licensing process in accordance with the Atomic Energy Act.

In conjunction with this step, ČEZ has also published the extensive documentation which was attached to the application. "

As with any environmental impact assessment, our goal in licensing is to maximize openness and transparency, which is why we have also published the entire Tender Safety Report so that the public can freely access the key document,"

said Daniel Beneš, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of ČEZ.

The authorisation documentation has around 1,600 pages. Over 30 experts from ČEZ and other institutions contributed to the documents, including the Water Research Institute, T.G. Masaryk University, and ÚJV Řež. The supporting documentation consists of more than 200 expert studies and analyses. As well as an extensive tender security report, the essential part of the application includes monitoring programmes, a management system and a number of analyses and concepts.

The materials describe and assess the site's characteristics, examining the natural conditions, water supply and human activities near the power plant. Also described and evaluated are the project's concept, quality issues and preliminary impact of operations on the population and environment and the future decommissioning of the power plant.

The land itself is one of the most closely analysed areas in the Czech Republic. In order to determine the subsoil's condition, experts performed geological drilling at over 170 spots at the future construction site for total length of more than 4 km. Thirty deep wells were also drilled in order to monitor groundwater, with a depth of up to 150 m and total length of almost 2 km. Exploratory drilling was done at another 66 locations in the surrounding area. Over 1,300 containers were used to store rock samples (drill cores). Twenty geological exploratory trenches were also excavated, supplemented by more than fifty measurements along a length of over 20 kilometres.

"The fact that four nuclear power blocks are already operating at the Dukovany location has only partially assisted us. Of course, the advantage was the large amount of input data available to us, and we could also draw from a number of reports, findings and stress test results. However, we also needed to do a comprehensive analysis of all the requirements of the Czech nuclear legislation and the standards of the International Atomic Energy Agency and many other institutions. For us, defensibility of the project internationally is crucial,"

said CEO Petr Závodský of EDU II, which is a subsidiary of the applicant for the authorisation.

The subject of the application is the placement of two nuclear facilities, each with a single pressurised water reactor of electrical power up to 1,200 MWe. The procedure makes it possible to consider the energy and climate objectives of the Czech Republic, which are currently being specified, and only then can the construction of one or two power blocks in the future be decided.

The State Office for Nuclear Safety is empowered to interrupt the authorisation process at any time and request supplementary information. ČEZ is ready to cooperate to the maximum degree possible.

The documentation for this application, including the Tender Safety Report, is available to the public on the ČEZ website at www.cez.cz/njz