12. 8. 2019

Temelín´s Unit 2 restored production of electricity

At the weekend, Unit 2 of Temelín NPP started to produce electricity again. It has been shut down for refueling of from June 21. The outage lasted 50 days and, during it, the technicians replaced a quarter of the fuel, checked the safety systems and mastered over sixty various modernizations. The overall outage schedule included over 13 thousand activities. In the first halve of the week the Unit will achieve the full power. The Temelín's Unit 2 outage will be closely followed by Dukovany NPP Unit 1 outage. It starts on Friday, August 16.

Temelín's Unit 2 began to produce electricity again at 50 % of the reactor rated power. Technicians had already made the energy test at the 80 % of the reactor rated power. "We verified the power distribution in the reactor. We have also to carefully monitor other technologies, such as the turbine generator. Especially in its generator part, there was a large number of activities carried out during the outage. And when operating the whole turbine aggregate, hundredths of millimeters play a decisive role. The first days will show us, whether it will be necessary to tune the setting of the turbine generator," said Jan Kruml, Director of the NPP Temelín.

During the outage, the technicians replaced 42 fuel assemblies. The important outage activities include inspections of safety systems or the replacement of the generator rotor. "We have replaced the rotor and shield of the generator. Also, investment actions for the safety and efficiency enhancement were important, such as the installation of the equipment for the control of the fuel assemblies," added Kruml.

The technicians planned their work at the refueling so that Unit 2 would be connected before the outage of Dukovany Unit 1. "The coordination of the nuclear units´ outages is important from the point of view of production, work planning and personnel capacities particularly of our suppliers. In some cases, certain activities are provided by the same teams in both Temelín and Dukovany," explained Bohdan Zronek, member of the Board of Directors of ČEZ and Director of the Nuclear Energy Division.

In this way, Temelín passed both planned outages. Together, they lasted for 109 days and the technicians mastered them with an advance of one day.


Since the beginning of the year, the Temelín power plant has produced 8.7 terawatt hours of electricity. Together with Dukovany, these are sources that produce the largest amount of clean electricity and thus contribute significantly to ČEZ Group's emission-free production.Annually, approximately two tens of millions of tons of CO2 have not been released into the atmosphere thanks to nuclear power plants.



Ing. Marek Sviták
Temelín NPP ČEZ Group Spokesman