Glossary of terms

ČEZ Concern

This represents the legal relationship between several companies in the ČEZ Group (controlled companies) which are subject to uniform control by ČEZ, a.s. (the controlling company) with which they create a concern thanks to this uniform control. A list of members of the ČEZ Concern can be found at

Legitimate interest

Interest of the administrator or a third party, for example in a situation when the data subject is an employee of the administrator.

Personal data

Information about a specific, identifiable person.


The party to which personal data is handed over.

ČEZ Group

This represents a group of several companies around the controlling company ČEZ, a. s., which in particular do business in the field of power engineering, connected to this controlling company in particular by means of capital participation. For the purposes of this Information, the ČEZ Group is further made up of the companies ČEZ Distribuce, a. s., ČEZ ESCO, a.s., ČEZ ICT Services, a. s., ČEZ Korporátní služby, s.r.o., ČEZ Obnovitelné zdroje, s.r.o., ČEZ Prodej, a.s., Elektrárna Dětmarovice, a.s., Elektrárna Dukovany II, a. s., Elektrárna Počerady, a.s., Elektrárna Temelín II, a. s., Energocentrum Vítkovice, a.s., Energotrans, a.s., ŠKODA PRAHA a.s., Telco Pro Services, a. s., ČEZ Bytové domy, s.r.o., ČEZ Solární, s.r.o., ENESA a.s., KART, s.r.o., HORMEN CE a.s., AirPlus spol. s r.o., Domat Control System s.r.o., AZ KLIMA, a.s., MARTIA, a.s.


The party which determines the purpose and means of personal data processing; and which may also decide to commission other parties as processors to ensure its processing.

Data subject

A live natural person whose personal data is the subject of processing.


The requirement for which the administrator uses your personal data.


Activity which the administrator or processor performs with personal data.


The party which processes personal data for the administrator.