Consent to processing of personal data

Consent with the offer of opportunities for employment

If, as a job applicant, you are only interested in a specific employment position being offered, or as an applicant for specific work experience or internship, potentially a scholarship program offered by the company, we can process the personal data you provide us with in connection with this, for that purpose without your express consent. However, if you are interested in increasing your future prospects of employment at selected CEZ Concern or Group companies, you may be offered the option to grant consent to the use of your personal information by one of these companies for the purpose of registering your person and offering other suitable employment opportunities, or work experience or internships, potentially scholarships by one or more selected companies of the Concern or the CEZ Group. Based on such consent, you will enable a particular company of the CEZ Concern or the CEZ Group, to contact you with other job opportunities, professional work experience or internships, or scholarships that match your expertise, skills and potential interest.

Your personal data that will be processed based on this consent will include the same personal data as you provide in response to an employment opportunity offer, or offer of professional work experience or internship or potentially, a scholarship program of a company in the Concern or the CEZ Group.