Processing and sharing personal data

Processing and sharing personal data

Our company processes your personal data manually and in an automated manner. During automated processing of your data, we do not however use automated decision-making which could have an impact on your rights. 

Protection of your data in our company is ensured from an organizational and technical standpoint, in compliance with the respective legislation. We also demand a comparable level of security for your data from our processors of personal data.

To ensure the purposes described above, your personal data may, other than by our company and its employees, also be processed by certain other companies from the ČEZ Concern or Group or by other entities outside the ČEZ Concern as processors of your data. We only pass on your data to these companies or entities if they satisfy the organizational and technical conditions defined by us to ensure the appropriate level of its protection. Your personal data is only handed over to these entities if they are contractually obliged in writing to comply with the same conditions of processing your personal data and to ensure the determined level of protection.

The reason for handing over of your personal data to these other companies or entities as processors is usually the fact that they use knowledge, procedures, or technologies with the required level of expertise, allowing them to more efficiently achieve some of the abovementioned purposes of processing, while ensuring the necessary level of protection of your personal data. 

Your personal data may, on the basis of a legitimate request, also be handed over to third parties with the legal authority to request handover of such personal data.  This is especially the case for various state bodies, such as the courts, the public prosecutor's office or the Czech police. . We only provide your personal data to them when such an obligation is determined for us by the respective legislation.