Personal data that we process

Basic data
  • identification data: title, first name, last name, date of birth, place of birth or identity card number or birth number (for the preparation of employment documents of successful job applicants)
  • contact data: permanent residence address, postal or other contact address, telephone number, e-mail address.

At our company, we collect and process only the personal data necessary to assess and decide on the suitability of filling the employment position being offered, by you, or, potentially to offer another job. If you are interested in performing professional work experience or internships during your course of study or the use of a scholarship program, we use these data to assess and decide on the suitability of such an offer for you.  We also use the personal data we collect to prepare a contract and other documents related to the conclusion of an employment relationship or a contract for the performance of a member of the company's bodies, documents related to your professional experience, internship, or concluding a scholarship award agreement.

In the event of your interest in employment, we do not require any special (sensitive) personal data that, according to legislation, cannot be demanded from job seekers if such a duty is not mandated for us by specific legislation for certain positions or functions, or if such information is not necessary for ensuring the protection of our legitimate interests The same applies to your potential interest in the performance of professional work experience or a scholarship and use of a scholarship program.

You are not required to provide the below-stated personal information to us. We will always inform you in specific situations which personal data is necessary for the evaluation of your interest in employment, professional experience or internship, contract for the award of a scholarship or the conclusion of an employment relationship or a contract for the performance of office of a member of the bodies of the company. Your possible refusal may lead to a situation in which our ability to evaluate you as a suitable applicant or, candidate may be limited in such a case.

The following categories of personal data are processed for the above-mentioned reasons:

  • Basic data
  • Other data