21. 6. 2021

ČEZ Started Security Screening of Potential Bidders for a New Nuclear Unit in Dukovany

CEZ Group’s Dukovany II power plant has today sent out letters and started a security screening of three potential bidders for a new nuclear unit. The letters were sent to EdF of France, Westinghouse of the USA, and KHNP of South Korea. The potential bidders will submit all relevant information to ČEZ by the end of November, and the Government will then decide which potential bidders will be invited to participate in the tender.

The purpose of the security screening is to assess all potential vendors and obtain information needed to protect relevant security interests. The procedure aims at clarifying the ownership structure, supply chain, relations of the entities with their respective governments, project implementation issues, charges and other issues, if any, in nuclear source projects, technology and know-how transfer and other aspects.

In order to facilitate answering questions in the security screening, the potential bidders will receive complete preliminary documentation, which will speed up the subsequent processing of bids submitted by those bidders who will eventually be invited to take part in the tender.