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Mission, Vision, Strategy

Mission and Vision

CEZ Group’s mission is to maximize its return and secure long-term growth in shareholder value. Therefore, CEZ Group directs its efforts toward fulfillment of its vision of becoming the leader in the electricity market in Central and Southeastern Europe.

For the Group, supporting economic growth and the living standard of the population is both a responsibility and a duty. As one of the most important players in the Czech Republic economy, CEZ Group is well aware of the need for it to behave responsibly. Over the past 15 years, the ČEZ Power Company has generated over CZK 106 billion in income tax receipts and dividends for the Czech State, its biggest shareholder. Of that figure, income tax receipts alone account for CZK 66 billion. At the same time, the economic accomplishments of CEZ Group lay groundwork for the Czech Republic’s overall business environment. CEZ Group’s businesses provide gainful employment to over 100,000 people and since the foundation of ČEZ, a. s. in 1992 the Group has invested nearly CZK 300 billion in the Czech Republic, benefiting domestic companies and of course their employees as well.


In 2011, CEZ Group responded to turbulence in the electricity market related to economic stagnation in the Eurozone and European countries’ reaction to the Fukushima nuclear disaster. In conjunction with the NEW VISION strategic initiative, the CEZ Group strategy was updated. The updated strategy aspires to minimize the principal risks threatening CEZ Group’s business performance and, at the same time, leverage current growth opportunities.

In addition to electricity production, distribution, and sale, CEZ Group’s activities include nuclear research; designing, building, and maintaining power plants and grid infrastructure; mining of raw materials; processing of generation by-products; as well as information and communication technologies. At the same time, CEZ Group is one of the three largest producers of heat in the Czech Republic.

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