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Tendering Principles

In order to ensure its deliveries are of the highest quality, ČEZ is pursuing a new strategy for collaboration with suppliers. Under the new strategy, suppliers are selected in a competitive environment based on the results of tenders, supplier evaluations, and subsequent negotiations. The strategy is to find competitive suppliers with the objective of securing the best standards of contractual performance. Above all, the company prefers price, quality, and speed.

On its website, at the address http://www.cez.cz/edee/www/cs/registrace/registrace.jsf?type=dodavatel, ČEZ has introduced an Internet portal where new suppliers can register. Should any changes on the supplier’s side take place at a later time, the supplier can modify its on-line profile (http://www.cez.cz/edee/www/cs/registrace/prihlaseni.jsf). Registration gives the supplier an option for simple, fast communications.

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