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Land Clean-up and Reclamation

CEZ Group looks for the most appropriate ways to bring life back to places where it was suppressed in the past, due to power industry operations. This is happening through reclamation, which means transforming the landscape into a condition that enables flora and fauna to return, and ecological stability to be assured. The most common form of land reclamation today is the planting of appropriate tree species, followed by forestry care to foster their growth.

In 2010–2011, ČEZ continued to reclaim sites in the vicinity of its conventional power plants (ash and other waste dumps, settling ponds, etc.). In 2011, over 7.5 million tons of certified power generation by-products were utilized in land reclamation (2010: over 6 million tons).

Another important area is limiting the amount of waste generated, particularly by preventing waste from occurring and utilizing certified generation by-products. Currently, for example, Chvaletice Power Station has nine such certificates, and all are fully utilized. Certified generation by-products are used in the construction industry (cement, concrete), construction of roads and railroads, and – most importantly – in landscaping and land reclamation.

Based on a building permit (notification of project), the land devastated by the legacy operations of Manganokyzové závody (MKZ) Chvaletice is currently being reshaped. The reclamation work ongoing in the Chvaletice area is in accordance with the Chvaletice Area Land Reclamation Program, the city’s urban development plan, the Pardubice Regional Strategy, and environmental protection principles.

For economic reasons, Chvaletice Power Station is classified as a plant in danger of being shut down. In an effort to maintain employment in the region and successfully complete the reclamation program, including its biological components, the management of ČEZ, a. s. is currently involved in negotiations on a possible sale of this subsidiary. Continuation of operation as part of CEZ Group is another alternative. This would enable the addition of another stage in the Chvaletice Area land reclamation process and gradually reduce the plant’s emissions. In the past, large sums were invested in reducing emissions, bringing solid particulate emissions and sulfur dioxide down to 5% of their previous levels. If the plant were to be operated until 2020, the amount released would be reduced by another two thirds. There are now two stations for monitoring ground-level concentrations: in addition to the station in Hošťákovice, one in Chvaletice was built in 2011.

Reclamation work to renew the landscape and ecological stability following brown coal mining was also conducted by Severočeské doly: its focus in 2011 was on reforestation, while the reclamation plans for 2012 give greater scope for man-made lakes. The Trmice power heating plant invested in reclamation of the waste dump at May 5th Mine and the Barbora III settling pond.

CEZ Group Consumption, Waste, and Emissions

Units 2010 2011
Total electricity GWh 5,664 5,774
Total water consumption m3 ’000 1,084,769 950,308
of which: surface water m3 ’000 760,741 948,183
underground water m3 ’000
Emissions and unit emissions of air pollutants
Solids tons 4,696 4,237
Sulfur dioxide tons 91,687 938,841
Nitrogen oxides tons 71,766 68,577
Carbon monoxide tons 5,965 6,054
Carbon dioxide tons 38,845,671 38,739,133

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