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Conserving energy by reducing consumption is one of the most important tools for cutting emissions. The government is among those supporting initiatives in this area. For example, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic has patronage over the following programs:

The importance of encouraging customers to reduce their electricity consumption lies in the imperative of protecting the environment. CEZ Group’s conservation activities are three-pronged:


Awareness is a very important tool for CEZ Group, because it can influence the amount of electricity that is consumed. In conjunction with CEZ Group’s environmental strategy, our goals are to reduce consumption and utilize renewable sources of energy. Campaigns and other initiatives and programs for the public explain how this can be achieved.


CEZ Group dispenses advice on how to make the best use of electricity, along with information on how prices are set, etc. In addition, it endeavors to inform customers of ways they can reduce their power bill – how to save energy in the home and workplace, how to behave in a more environmentally-friendly manner, how to optimize electricity use during the day and at night, etc.

CEZ Group has 24 customer centers in the Czech Republic. Customer services are also provided by 58 contractual partners. A map showing these customer service locations and contact information can be found on the CEZ Group website at the address www.cez.cz/cs/kontakty/kontaktni-mista.html.

CEZ Group operates two call centers: in Pilsen and in Zábřeh na Moravě. Each of them operates as a back-up for the other, to ensure that the CEZ Group customer lines are always available. Each day, 300 experienced, professional operators take an average of 4,500 telephone calls. In addition to these calls, the operators and other customer center employees also deal with 6,500 requests that come in via other channels (faxes, e-mails, letters, responses from the Virtual Sales Office, etc.) and care for 3.5 million customers. Customers can reach the call center by dialing 840 840 840 from within the Czech Republic.

Another service for CEZ Group customers is the Virtual Sales Office web application, which enables customers to comfortably gain access to personal information and deal with their requirements regarding the use of electricity. Thanks to 24-hour availability, the Virtual Sales Office saves time and enables customers to access their account whenever it is convenient for them. Customers’ personal data is password-protected.

The Virtual Sales Office provides customers with the following:

Customers interested in this service can register for it on the CEZ Group website at the address www.cez.cz/vok. Any time the customer wishes to make an appointment, all they need to is point their browser to www.cez.cz/cs/kontakty/sjednani-schuzky.html and reserve a time slot that is convenient for them.

Another way to effectively advise the public on how to choose and handle electrical appliances is an application that, when provided with specific information, will “calculate” how much energy a household’s appliances use. Through interactive calculations, it is possible to find out, for example, how much the household could save by buying energy-saving light bulbs, how big the household’s carbon footprint is, etc. The Internet application can be found in the section “I want to save” (in the Energy Advisor sub-section) at the address http://www.cez.cz/cs/pro-zakazniky/jak-usetrit.html.

Direct Cooperation

CEZ Group works directly with customers, using the type of communication the customer chooses. The communication channels available to the customer are:

In addition, CEZ Group has introduced an electronic billing service. Customers who opt for this service no longer receive their bills in paper form. Instead, the bills are sent electronically to the customer’s e-mail address.

CEZ Group also thinks of its handicapped fellow citizens, for whom it has rolled out a special product entitled BASIC_SP. It has the following advantages:

This service is currently helping nearly 2,000 customers to address their needs and requirements.

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