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On November 9, 2010, the Minister of the Environment of the Czech Republic and representatives of ČEZ signed a Declaration of Strategic Cooperation on Air and Climate Protection. By this declaration, which has no expiration date, the partners agreed to reduce air emissions of pollutants beyond the reductions required by existing legislation. At the same time, there will be a substantial reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, which will be achieved directly in power plants operated by CEZ Group in the Czech Republic.

The document defines cooperation in the areas of sustainable development education and awareness, cooperation between the signers in the areas of renewable sources and energy conservation, and cooperation in formulating a strategy for biomass co-combustion. By signing the declaration, the parties pledged to take a total of 21 measures that will substantially mitigate environmental burdens and lead to sustainable development of the power industry. The parties also agreed to exchange information regarding the fulfillment of the defined measures and to establish a working group that will evaluate progress on an annual basis. The pledge also includes drafting an annual joint report on implementation of the Declaration of Strategic Cooperation.

Right in the first year after the Declaration was signed, the agreed emission reduction target for CEZ Group sources was achieved, thereby fulfilling the declared objective of reducing emissions beyond legal requirements.

Type of Pollutant
Solids SO2 NOX
Actual emissions in t/year, 2010 2,181 52,944 52,458
Actual emissions in t/year, 2011 2,112 46,936 44,618
Maximum emissions (t/year) for 2011, Declaration Schedule No. 1 2,675 50,126 52,898
Actual emissions as percentage of maximum emissions pursuant to Declaration Schedule No. 1 79% 94% 84%

Remark: As of 2011, Chvaletice Power Station is no longer part of the ČEZ generation portfolio.

CEZ Group has also entered into similar voluntary environmental protection and burden mitigation arrangements with the Association of Regions and with the Ústí Region.

CEZ Group has also pledged to invest EUR 1.25 billion, above and beyond the value of emission rights, in upgrading its plant and equipment to mitigate environmental burdens.

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