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Corporate Volunteering

CEZ Group encourages corporate volunteering, in which employees donate their time and energy, providing personal, manual, social, and sometimes also professional help, to which CEZ Group adds logistical and financial support. CEZ Group teams with Donors’ Forum (Fórum dárců) to organize volunteer work in all regions of the Czech Republic, and complies with the basic standards of corporate volunteering.

“Time for a Good Cause” is a CEZ Group corporate volunteering project that enables employees to spend one work day working for a non-profit organization. It is focused primarily on social work: caring for seniors, handicapped citizens, children, and the environment. As of 2010, employees interested in participating in the program can register at the web portal www.zapojimse.cz, which they can access from home as well.

CEZ Group also cooperates with Jedlička Institute (Jedličkův ústav). One of the events, which began in 2009 as part of the Time for a Good Cause volunteering day, was a visit by clients of Jedlička Institute in Liberec to ČEZ Distribuce in Děčín. The most recent visit took place on June 20, 2012. The reason for the visit was to thank the employees, and not just those from Děčín, for the support and time they donate to the Jedlička Institute. This “thank you” took on an unconventional form: two distribution-themed paintings on silk by Tonda Rejnyš, a client of the institute. However, for a long time now the employees of ČEZ Distribuce have been regularly caring for the institute’s clients in their spare time as well, above and beyond their corporate volunteer work.

CEZ Group is also a member of the Business for Society (Byznys pro společnost) platform, whose members are Czech companies that strive to be socially responsible and behave in an ethical manner. During 2011, which was designated the International Year of Volunteers, CEZ Group got involved in the platform’s activities – its working group for Corporate Volunteering in particular – and was invited to be a part of the Volunteering During Extraordinary Events and Crisis Situations group as well. CEZ Group provided work and financial support at European Year of Volunteers 2011 activities. All eleven types of volunteering were presented in the Czech Museum of Music during the nationwide Week of Volunteers. During that week, CEZ Group supported the Strategic Corporate Volunteering conference held on November 3, 2011, as well as other events.

Under the umbrella of the European Year of Volunteers 2011, volunteers from the Business for Society platform donated a total of 6,240 man-days, valued at approximately CZK 9.5 million, to publically beneficial organizations. For more information, see www.byznysprospolecnost.cz.

European Corporate Volunteering Day GIVE & GAIN 2011

Another European Year of Volunteers 2011 event took place on Friday, June 24. Entitled GIVE & GAIN, its objective was to mobilize as many volunteers from participating companies to spend the day working in the non-profit sector. All told, eleven countries took part, including the Czech Republic, along with 38 non-profit organizations and 250 employees from 14 companies. One fifth of the volunteers were employees of ČEZ. They volunteered at the following organizations: Červený Kostelec Area Charity – St. Joseph Home, O.s. Lunaria, the Androméda Society, the České Budějovice Municipal Charity, Arkadie, the Prokopské and Dalejské Valleys Protection Society (Společnost pro ochranu Prokopského a Dalejského údolí), the Orphanage and School Cafeteria in Ostrava, the Chotěšov – Lesovna Monastery, the Podkrušnohorský Zoo in Chomutov (Podkrušnohorský zoopark Chomutov), the Hvozdy Services Center, and the Charlotte Masaryková Orphanage.

Temelín Nuclear Power Station

On June 23 and 24, 2010, employees of Temelín Nuclear Power Station helped out five non-profit organizations from the České Budějovice, Vltavotýn, and Písek areas. The group of 24 employees did various jobs such as fence painting, landscaping work, general clean-up, and working in a ceramics workshop. For two days, the volunteers exchanged their ordinary jobs for places like the Arpida Children’s Center, České Budějovice Day Care Centers and Halfway Houses, the Týn nad Vltavou Parish Charity, the České Budějovice DOMINO Municipal Charity, and the Rainbow (Duha) Day and Week Center in Písek.

“Volunteers from ČEZ came out to help last year, too. This year they once again did a huge amount of work. All day, they removed weeds and accumulated dirt between pavement stones, while others brought in dirt and spread it out with rakes, preparing the terrain for construction of a multi-purpose children’s playground,” said Jiří Jankovský, director of Arpida.

Nearly 30 volunteers from Temelín Nuclear Power Station spent the first week of June, 2011, helping non-profit organizations in South Bohemia. They visited five different organizations, where they did work such as building a “therapeutic garden”, painting a fence, and spending time with children from a halfway house.

Dukovany Nuclear Power Station

In the first half of May, 2010, 43 volunteers came out to help non-profit organizations in the South Moravia Region and in Vysočina. They painted, cleaned, gardened, and helped with computer equipment at six organizations, while 17 of them set about cleaning the Dalešice Dam. The beneficiary organizations were: Oasis (Oáza) Hodonín, Ruth Counselling Center, the Koutkova Seniors Home, St. Antonín House, the Smile (Úsměv) Center in Třebíč, and the Hrotovice Charity Care Service.

In late May 2011, nearly 40 volunteer employees of Dukovany Nuclear Power Station helped non-profit organizations in Vysočina. They went to five non-profit organizations, where they cleaned, painted, gardened, and spent time with seniors. Once again, the largest group of volunteers cleaned the Dalešice Dam reservoir.

North Bohemia

In mid-September 2010, a group of 35 CEZ Group employees gave freely of their time to benefit a good cause. In the Ústí Region, they worked for the RADKA Civic Association in Kadaň, the ARKADIE Society for Comprehensive Care for the Handicapped in Teplice, and the Mašťov Orphanage. Some of the volunteers from the north – specifically, those from ČEZ Distribuce in Děčín – traveled all the way to Labská bouda in East Bohemia. There, eight volunteers helped the Bumblebee (Čmelák) Society of Friends of Nature remove non-native Mountain Pine trees at the source of the Elbe River.

“I must admit I was a little worried how things would turn out today, since the work we had for the volunteers is normally done by masons. But they are all very talented – they mix mortar, lay bricks, and apply stucco and plaster like real pros,” said Marie Kafková, director of the Mašťov Orphanage, in praise of the volunteers.

Central Bohemia and Prague

During the last week of May, 2010, over 50 volunteers from ČEZ helped out at non-profit organizations in Prague and Central Bohemia. Their outing took them to a total of eight organizations, where they painted, did gardening and clean-up work, picked up trash in the forest, helped with office work and organizing, and spent time with mentally and physically handicapped people. The beneficiary organizations were: the Hvozdy Services Center, the Czech AIDS Help Society, Autisik, Hare on a Horse (Zajíček na koni) in Bušovice, Civil Inspiration (Občanská inspirace), the Prokopské and Dalejské Valleys Protection Society, the Prague Botanical Garden, and the Creativity Workshops (Dílny tvořivosti) in Prague.

“A group of nine ČEZ employees had their work cut out for them, renewing an old, almost unusable bridge in the Prokopské Valley. They removed the old, rotten beams, cleaned the bridge of grass, sawed new beams and laid them on the steel structure, to make the bridge usable once again. What had been a hazard for pedestrians is now a natural part of a pleasant walk through Prokopské Valley,” said Mrs. Matoušková from the Prokopské and Dalejské Valleys Protection Society.

In April 2011, CEZ Group employees from Prague and the hydro power stations volunteered in the following non-profit organizations: the Prokopské and Dalejské Valleys Protection Society, the Hvozdy Services Center, the Toulcův dvůr Society, the Kladno Orphanage, and the Androméda Society.

East Bohemia

On April 21 and 22, 2010, 38 volunteers from CEZ Group helped out at the following nonprofit organizations: the Slatiňany Social Services House, Hajnice Colorful Houses (Barevné domky Hajnice), the Orphanage and School Cafeteria in Nechanice, the Veská Children’s Center, and SKP-CENTRUM for people who are at risk due to health conditions and/or social circumstances.

In June 2011, over 40 CEZ Group employees volunteered to help non-profit organizations in East Bohemia. They visited five organizations, where despite inclement weather they helped, for example, to build a roof over an outdoor stage for a benefit concert, paint fences, wash windows, do landscaping, and complete a gazebo. The beneficiary organizations were: Life Without Barriers (Život bez bariér) in Nová Paka, the Veská Children’s Center, the Hradec Králové Area Charity, the Orphanage and School Cafeteria in Nechanice, and the Slatiňany House of Social Services.

West Bohemia

In the course of CEZ Group corporate volunteering, on April 9–10, 2010, 29 volunteers worked at four non-profit organizations in the Pilsen, Karlovy Vary, and Central Bohemia Regions, where they painted, cleaned, and did gardening work. They also worked on renewing cultural and natural heritage at Hartenberg Castle; this work continued in 2011 as well. On September 14 and 15, 2011, a group of 14 volunteers from the Pilsen and Karlovy Vary Regions also helped out at the non-profit organization Berkut, one of whose objectives is to renew the botanical garden in Bečov nad Teplou.

North Moravia

On April 28 and 29, 2010, 27 volunteers turned out to help at five non-profit organizations in the Moravia-Silesia and Zlín Regions, where they painted, cleaned up, did gardening work, and dispensed legal and PR advice. The beneficiary organizations were: Charita Ostrava, St. Lukáš Hospice, Citadela Hospice, the Chamomile (Heřmánek) Civic Association, and the Little House (Domeček) Children’s Center.

“Our volunteers did a lot of work that we ourselves lacked the capacity to do. They painted the wood trim around the entire building and still had time left over to paint the railings and benches in the park where clients can spend time visiting with their families,” said Miloslav Běťák, director of Citadela Hospice.

In 2011, 40 CEZ Group volunteers from the Moravia-Silesia, Olomouc, and Zlín Regions spent several days in May helping out at the following non-profit organizations: the Little House Children’s Center, the St. Václav House of Charity, the Salvation Army in Havířov and Ostrava – Poruba, the Jabloňová Seniors Home, Na Vizině Orphanage, St. Lukáš Hospice, and the Pomněnka Center for the Mentally Handicapped.

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