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Regional Partnerships

In addition to all the other activities and causes it supports, CEZ Group endeavors to be a supporter of regional cooperation, through advertising and sponsorship in particular. Since there are many such events and it was necessary to impose firm rules on our participation in them, 2011 saw the implementation of a methodology, entitled Evaluation of Advertising Partnership Requests, for assessing them.

For taking in advertising partnership requests, a new e-mail address sponzoring@cez.cz was set up and new forms entitled “Application for Sponsorship Contribution” and “Advertising Proposal” were created. Both forms can be found on the web at www.cez.cz/pomahame. Using these forms, the applicant provides information on the organization and the offer of advertising. The information gathered is used not only to make the actual decision on the application, but also – in the event it is approved – to prepare a CEZ Group purchase order or advertising and promotion contract for the events to be supported. Applications are evaluated once every quarter at dates announced in advance on the website at www.cez.cz/pomahame.

CEZ Group is aware of and meets the needs of young people, seniors, and disadvantaged citizens. It supports care and activities designated for people who are disadvantaged in any way. Through personal help from its employees and financial aid, it helps the SPMP Hvozdy Special Home for Young People, the Civic Association JAU – parents and friends of people with autism, the World of Colors (Barevný svět) Day Center, TyfloCentrum ČR, o.p.s., and the Home of St. Anežka – protected workshops in Týn nad Vltavou. It is a partner of Rozmarýna, o. p. s., an organization that works with young adults who were raised in orphanages; Femisphera, o.s., an association focused on issues concerning life in the third world; and the Sense and Sensibility (Rozum a cit) Foundation which has long-standing activities in the field of foster care.

Handicapped people are entitled to lead active lives, too, and therefore CEZ Group is a major supporter of the Center for the Handicapped in South Bohemia (Centrum zdravotně postižených JČ, o.s.), helping to fund the construction of a storage unit for racing wheelchairs and a number of double skiffs and four-oars for sight-impaired, physically handicapped, and intellectually challenged athletes. Another example is our collaboration with the Czech Abilympic Association (Česká abilympijská asociace, o. s.), Hvězda SKP Pardubice, and the handicapped table tennis team of the Janské Lázně Sports Club.

We are also a long-standing, traditional partner of KOMPAKT and of social motor vehicles delivered to areas such as Vysočina for the Vrátka civic association, and to residents of Kanina in the Central Bohemia Region. In the Ústí Region a social motor vehicle was acquired for the Dlažkovice Orphanage and the Municipal Social Services Institute in Klášterec nad Ohří. Another two social vehicles serve handicapped people in Oleška – Kamenice and the Chomutov Orphanage.

CEZ Group also supports activities that benefit nature and animals. In cooperation with Společnost pro Jizerské hory o.p.s., we are long-standing financial supporters of the Let’s Clean Up the Jizerka Mountains (Ukliďme Jizerky) event. Thanks to our support for a local chapter of the Czech Union for Nature Protection, the Rescue Station for Injured and Handicapped Animals – Elbe River Eco-center (Polabské ekocentrum) has better conditions for its work. We supported another Rescue Station for Animals Living in the Wild – Žleby Reserve (obora Žleby) through the civic association Stanice terénní ochrany přírody – STOP. We are traditional supporters of the Cleaning Up the Malše River ecological event in České Budějovice. Other recipients of our help include Exotic Animals Park (Park exotických zvířat o.p.s.) at the Dvorec Zoo and the Dvůr Králové Zoo. The Czech Council of Children and Youth used financial aid from CEZ Group to organize an event entitled Agnes of Bohemia’s Trees (Stromy Anežky České).

Health issues affect each and every one of us and regional healthcare facilities need equipment. Therefore, CEZ Group supported the purchase of a hydraulic hospital bed for the neurosurgery department of the Ostrava Municipal Hospital. We were also a major contributor toward the purchase of a positioning arm for taking X-rays during operations for the Ivančice Hospital, and the purchase of a videocolonoscope for the Thomayer Faculty Hospital in Prague. Another donation went to Žatec Hospital to purchase and install a CT device.

CEZ Group is a traditional supporter of the Christmas concert organized by the Mole (Krtek) Foundation, a charity that helps children with oncological illnesses. Thanks to support from CEZ Group, for example, the St. Jan N. Neumann Hospice was able to repair and paint its building and purchase a motor vehicle. CEZ Group was there when the Máša Civic Association endeavored to equip an information center for allergy and asthma sufferers and prepare a useful web portal.

CEZ Group is also a partner to organizations that organize events open to the general public. For example, we helped to fund the Charity Concert on Old Town Square commemorating 20 years of DROP IN. Our employees participated in the Baar Cup competition for the Help for life o. s. humanitarian organization, Bohemia JazzFest 2010 and 2011 (a cultural event open to the general public), and the popular Ladronkafest 2010 and 2011, which is also free for all comers. Other events include the Vth Summer Olympics for Children and Young People, the Prague University of Economics Handicapped Students Day, and Opera in Šárka 2011 (Dalibor) organized in an natural outdoor setting by OHDP – the Original Musical Theater of Prague (Originální hudební divadlo Praha).

Events in the regional partnership category include the Martina Sáblíková Pentathlon (Pětiboj Martiny Sáblíkové), which motivates children to engage in healthy exercise. CEZ Group and the Nadace ČEZ Foundation have teamed up to support the project. 2011 was the event’s first year, and saw primary school students from all over the Czech Republic compete in a relay race, basketball dribbling, medicine-ball throw, standing broad-jump, and handball free-throw. The event was very popular among the children, and it is evident that this new CEZ Group project is a step in the right direction.

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