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Suppliers and Customers

In cases that exceed the legal limit, CEZ Group selects its suppliers through public tenders in accordance with Act No. 137/2006 Sb. on Public Procurement. The Group also organizes tenders in cases that are under said limit.

In selecting suppliers, CEZ Group places emphasis on the quality of the goods or services provided, as well as price. Qualification criteria have been defined to aid in the selection. These include various certifications, certificates of ISO quality compliance, trades licenses, and other documents. There are also evaluation criteria, one of which is always an opinion on the price, and technical evaluation criteria are used, where appropriate, as well.

In the last week of March, 2012, the business segment represented by ČEZ Prodej successfully underwent a supervisory audit by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance – in the form of a stress test – and thereby demonstrated that it continues to be worthy of this widely recognized, prestigious certification. According to Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, not just the behavior and attitude of ČEZ Prodej toward individually serviced customers, but the entire processes of customer service and sale of electricity and gas are prepared to continue providing and guaranteeing top quality for customers and satisfying the demanding criteria necessary to obtain this major certification.

In sourcing office supplies, CEZ Group joined in the “Trees for Life” program launched in 2003 by one of our suppliers, Office Depot. Each package of paper that goes through this company’s hands was once part of a living tree. Therefore, the company decided to plant one tree for each 50 packages of PAPIRIUS and OFFICE DEPOT paper sold. The “Trees for Life” environmental program is implemented under the auspices of the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic and with the support of the Forestry and Environmental Faculty of the Czech University of Agriculture, Prague. The program is regularly assessed. At the beginning of each year, new members of the program receive certificates. Tree planting takes place once a year, in the spring.

CEZ Group has been a member of this environmental program since the very beginning. Since then, it has contributed to the planting of approximately 2,500 new trees.

Number of Trees Planted for the Years 2010–2011 Based on Office Paper Purchased by CEZ Group from Office Depot

Company 2010 2011
ČEZ Distribuce 21 18
ČEZ Distribuční služby 26 9
ČEZ Energetické produkty 2 0
ČEZ Energetické služby 15 12
ČEZ Logistika 28 22
ČEZ Měření 18 2
ČEZ Obnovitelné zdroje 3 1
ČEZ Prodej 3 5
ČEZ Teplárenská 3 4
ČEZ Zákaznické služby 37 10
ČEZ 33 22
Severočeské doly 52 88
ŠKODA PRAHA Invest 1 0
Teplárna Trmice 9 0
Total 260 244

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