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Customer Services

CEZ Group has issued a guidebook for its employees, entitled Standards of Correspondence With Customers. It stipulates:

The guidebook also explains how employees are to behave toward customers: helpfully, openly, positively, and properly. Trust based on experience is the foundation upon which good relationships are built. If this trust is compromised, it can result in destruction of the relationship and loss of the customer.

A top-quality website is a natural part of our customer services. In addition to all the other information that customers can find at the address www.cez.cz, as of September 1, 2011 ČEZ Prodej launched www.cez.cz/business for corporate customers in the Business segment, i.e. those who use over 100 MWh of electricity per year. Here, our corporate customers will find, for example, easy-to-understand interactive graphs showing the development of electricity and gas prices, with very simple and intuitive controls allowing them to set the time period over which they would like to display the prices of these commodities. The values are continually updated, and when the visitor clicks on a source, a more detailed view is displayed complete with the latest news and archived data that can be used to conduct deeper analyses. Also included are foreign currency exchange rates and trends, as well as on-line updated economic news from the renowned economic news server, EURO24. Another feature of the new website for the Business segment is a “Tips of the Day” section, where visitors will find practical, concrete advice on topics relating to accounting, taxes, and social policy, as well as upcoming changes in energy legislation, including commentaries, and tips on how to save electricity and gas. It goes without saying that the site also includes a complete listing of ČEZ Prodej’s portfolio of products and services, along with an explanation of the advantages customers receive when they do business with ČEZ Prodej. An interactive map with contacts for each customer in this individually served segment is an important supplementary feature.

A number of users have taken advantage of the new service and registered to receive news via e-mail. Already, 50 registered users are receiving the e-newsletter, the weekly pricelist, and/or ČEZ Info, the magazine for customers in the Business segment. Also available for customers to use is a new e-mail address, business@cez.cz, where they can send questions and comments regarding the new website.

Customers can choose how they wish to communicate with CEZ Group. They can choose from among the following services:

CEZ Group has a network of 24 customer centers in various locations throughout the Czech Republic. In March 2010, a new, barrierfree customer center was opened in Prague’s Karlín district. With a total area of 600 m2, its personnel are capable of serving over 500 customers a day. The new building, which is part of the Futurama Business Park, has the top energy conservation certificate in category A, reserved for the most efficient buildings. To make it easier for customers to communicate with us, they can make an appointment for a specific date and time, over the Internet, so they can avoid unpleasant lines and save time that they can dedicate to other activities. Should customers wish to make an appointment, they just point their browser to www.cez.cz/cs/kontakty/sjednani-schuzky.html and reserve a time slot that is convenient for them.

CEZ Group also has a network of 58 contractual partners who provide customer services. A map showing their locations and contact information, including opening hours, can be found on the CEZ Group website at the address www.cez.cz/cs/kontakty/kontaktni-mista.html.

CEZ Group operates two call centers: in Pilsen and in Zábřeh na Moravě. Each of them operates as a back-up for the other, to ensure that the CEZ Group customer lines are always available. Each day, 300 experienced, professional operators take an average of 4,500 telephone calls. In addition to these calls, the operators and other customer center employees also deal with 6,500 requests that come in via other channels (faxes, e-mails, letters, responses from the Virtual Sales Office, etc.) and care for 3.5 million customers. Customers can reach the call center by dialing 840 840 840 from within the Czech Republic.

The Internet application Virtual Sales Office enables customers to comfortably gain access to personal information and deal with their requirements regarding the use of electricity. Customers need no longer go to the bank, as they can manage their account through Internet banking. Thanks to 24-hour availability, the Virtual Sales Office saves time and enables customers to access their account whenever it is convenient for them. Customers’ personal data is password-protected. The Virtual Sales Office gives customers up-to-date information concerning their electric bills and a listing of all connection points, as well as enabling them to make requests on-line. In late 2009, the Virtual Sales Office was relaunched with a new design and an innovated user interface.

Currently, we are readying a new Internet application for customers. Entitled ČEZ Online, it will give them an even more convenient option for getting personalized information and dealing with their requests concerning electricity and gas use. Through ČEZ Online, it will be possible to communicate free of charge, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without visiting a branch and without any waiting. In the Czech Republic, the application will be launched during 2012. The version for Slovakia is already in operation.

In addition, CEZ Group has implemented an electronic billing service. That means that the customer no longer receives bills in paper form. Instead, they are delivered to the customer’s e-mail box as PDF files, or directly to the customer’s accounting system. This makes it very simple to view, pay, and archive the bills. This system fully replaces paper bills; their electronic counterparts are full-fledged VAT documents. For greater customer data security, the bills are signed electronically with a qualified certificate. Electronic billing saves time, conserves energy, and is easy on Mother Nature.

In order to provide top-quality customer services, we need to maintain the electricity distribution grid and keep it running. When faults occur, CEZ Group’s fault response teams have all necessary technology and mechanization at their disposal, including allterrain vehicles, mobile boom lifts, as well as light, heavy, and all-terrain utility vehicles. In mountainous areas, our vehicles are equipped with snow chains and winches. Teams in North Bohemia have four snowmobiles, along with sleds for hauling equipment. Workers responding in mountainous areas are also equipped with snowshoes, which improve their ability to move around in deep snow, and cross-country skis.

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