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Corporate Identity

One visible and easily recognized element of CEZ Group’s presentation is the unified visual style, which uses the logo, color scheme, and selected typeface as tools to draw attention to the trademark and name, and to lend a graphical form to the business name. The unified visual style emphasizes the Group’s cohesiveness as a unified whole and forms its individual identity in the energy markets. The principal aim is to give the target group – the public and our business partners in particular – a point of reference, as well as to inform them and capture their attention. It also serves to reinforce the company’s values, with which its employees and other co-workers identify.

All the details for ensuring that CEZ Group is unified in its external dealings are contained in the graphics manual, which is available to all employees. For details on how to use the logo, color scheme, and typeface, they can refer to the website www.cez-brand.cz.

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