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Information Centers

Visitorship at CEZ Group power plants and information centers continues to rise. The information centers are located at the following places:

CEZ Group Power Plants and Information Centers, Visitorship in 2010 and 2011

2010 2011
Dlouhé Stráně Power Station 47,099 47,724
Temelín Nuclear Power Station 31,951 32,661
Dukovany Nuclear Power Station 26,535 26,559
Renewable Sources Information Center 13,755 12,690
Dalešice Power Station 12,059 11,357
Lipno Power Station 9,632 8,515
Vydra and Čeňkova Pila Hydro Power Stations 6,577 6,050
Štěchovice Power Station 6,433 6,002
Ledvice Power Station 3,906 2,829
Spálov Small-Scale Hydro Power Station 1,600 1,829
Dětmarovice Power Station 2,300 1,717
Small-scale hydro power stations of Eastern Bohemia and Moravia about 350 1,627
Orlík Power Station 1,861
Střekov Power Station 1,000 1,133
Chvaletice Power Station 1,304 1,127
Wind Power Stations 1,095
Prunéřov Power Station 1,093 887
Počerady Power Station 421 727
Poříčí Power Station 540 564
Želina Small-Scale Hydro Power Station 467
Mělník Power Station 620 360
Tisová Power Station 667 350
Hodonín Power Station 358 306
Slapy Power Station 165 234
Číčov Biogas Power Station 50
Photovoltaic power stations 20
Bukovec, Hracholusky about 30 0
Total 168,395 168,741

The information centers hold a number of events for the general public. For example, in 2011 the fifth annual Small Festival of MARIONETTES (Malý festival LOUTKY) was enriched with the addition of an art competition for children. Children drew pictures inspired by the marionette theatre play they watched. Then, fourteen out of 100 artists received awards at the Dukovany Nuclear Power Station Information Center. The 13 runners-up received orange lamps, while the absolute winner, five-year-old Adam Večeřa from Budkovice, received a soft blanket in addition. All of the works will be on display at next year’s festival.

On December 3, 2011, a total of 142 guests had the opportunity to take a tour that took them through two power plant information centers, the simulator of a Dukovany Nuclear Power Station reactor control room, and the Dalešice hydro power plant operation. During the tour, they all met St. Nicholas and his faithful sidekicks – the Devil and the Angel. At the end of the tour, all participants received small presents and good season’s wishes.

In 2011, Temelín Nuclear Power Station organized its seventh annual sports and entertainment event Temelín Atomic Olympics (Temelínská atomiáda) for children, in front of the plant’s information center. Nearly 200 children from six primary schools in the vicinity of the Temelín plant took part in the event. The winner of the contest was Týn nad Vltavou, Hlinecká Primary School.

You can learn more about CEZ Group’s information centers, including their opening hours and how to reserve a tour, on pp. 179–182 of the 2011 Annual Report or on the web at http://www.cez.cz/cs/kontakty/informacni-centra.html?tagcloud=of.

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