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Seeking Out and Supporting Talent

CEZ Group has been involved in education for a long time now, because it is very much aware of the crucial importance of bringing up a new generation of specialists in technical fields. In the next ten years, the company will need to hire 12,000 technical graduates: the new employees will be needed particularly for building and operating new generation installations and in electricity distribution. Therefore, CEZ Group’s objective is to recruit gifted candidates focused on the power industry whose first job, right after graduation, will be a specialized, prestigious, and well-paid position in a CEZ Group operation. It offers them scholarship programs that are a first step in a mutually beneficial career.

The “University Student” scholarship program is designated for students of technical universities and institutes, as well as all other university students who are interested in engineering. In order to be eligible for the program, students must complete the Nuclear and Power Engineering School-Leaving Exams and the Summer University. On September 1, 2011, thirteen graduates of the study program commenced their career in nuclear power by becoming nuclear power plant operators and physicists. For further information, see http://www.kdejinde.cz/cs/pro-studenty-a-pedagogy/studenti/stipendijni-program.html.

As students who have already visited the CEZ Group website in the past already know, the website contains a range of interesting information. At the address http://www.kdejinde.cz/cs/pro-studenty-a-pedagogy.html, for example, there are study materials, information on the Nuclear and Power Engineering School-Leaving Exams, the Summer University, the math and physics Olympics, CEZ Group’s quarterly magazine Where Else (Kde jinde), the Internet magazine Threepole (Třípól) (http://www.kdejinde.cz/cs/pro-studenty-a-pedagogy/studenti/casopis-tripol.html), and a number of other useful materials.

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