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Education Program

In 2012, ČEZ celebrated the 20-year anniversary of “World of Energy”, its systematic, comprehensive information and education program, which is designed for young people and offers students, teachers, and schools help in understanding electric power and integrating related topics into school curricula. Support for education is another service that ČEZ offers to the public. All learning activities are provided either free of charge or at symbolic prices. ČEZ is the only Czech industrial company that provides such a long-standing education support program.

The program includes not only an offering of learning materials, but also round-table discussions with students; seminars for teachers through the Physics Teachers Club, through which teachers take tours of power plant operations and meet with specialists; and contests designed to identify and support talented students.

Every year, when the school year is half over, the series of round-table discussions entitled Energy – the Future of Humanity, which is a part of the “World of Energy” education program, culminates with the What Do You Know About Energy competitions, in which participants compare their knowledge, as well as physical and psychic strength. Over the past 11 years, over 4,000 round-table discussions have been held, attended by over 150,000 boys and girls aged 14–19.

2011 saw the 21st nationwide finale of the What Do You Know About Energy competition, which took place in České Budějovice. The winner this time around was a team of grammar school students from Pilsen.

More than ten times a year, CEZ Group organizes seminars for teachers, at which it introduces teachers to new and engaging methods for teaching physics. The seminars are accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports of the Czech Republic.

In late September and early October 2011, one of these seminars was hosted by the Jirásek Grammar School in Náchod. The seminar included hands-on electricity measurement, with teaching aids loaned by ČEZ Měření, a member of CEZ Group. In February 2011, primary and secondary school teachers from the Hradec Králové Region met for a practical physics seminar at the Information Center in Hradec Králové. During the seminar, they got acquainted with the Gamabeta modern didactic aid that makes it easier for them to teach physics in general, and nuclear physics in particular. All “World of Energy” activities and offerings for students, teachers, and the general public can be found at www.cez.cz/vzdelavaciprogram.

CEZ Group actively seeks out future employees while they are still in school. In so doing, it focuses on schools specialized in energy-related fields.

2011 saw continued strategic recruiting-related initiatives, the goal of which is to incite interest in studying technical fields and ensure the availability of sufficient personnel to navigate the generational “changing of the guard” and to staff the newly built and retrofitted plants. The recruiting-support initiatives have been repeatedly given positive evaluations by university students – for example, CEZ Group defended its first-place ranking in The Most Desired Company survey within the Employer of the Year competition.

The human resources division organizes a network of partner schools consisting of 13 faculties at seven universities, and 46 secondary schools. CEZ Group supported a number of industry-related activities and provided scholarships to selected students. In addition to plant tours and information center visits, it offers students the traditional programs “Nuclear School Leaving Exams”, a three-day internship for secondary school students, and “Summer University”, a 14-day internship for university students at both nuclear power plants – Temelín and Dukovany. 2010 saw the first ever Power Engineering School-Leaving Exams focusing on conventional power at the Prunéřov and Ledvice Power Stations, and CEZ Group also began holding Power Engineering School-Leaving Exams in the field of electricity distribution as well.

In a related initiative, CEZ Group commenced a close cooperation with the Czech Technical University in Prague to marry scientific research and industry practice. Within this project, students acquaint themselves with the latest fossil fuel combustion technologies as university researchers strive to find solutions to specific technical problems. The program also includes lectures by ČEZ specialists on various topics as well as training for ČEZ employees focusing on theoretical knowledge concerning the new CCGT sources.

In December 2011, Temelín Nuclear Power Station organized the The Temelín Quiz: What South Bohemian Grammar Schools Know About Energy. The winning team consisting of third-year students of the Třeboň Grammar School was awarded a CZK 25,000 cheque in a ceremony at Temelín’s Infomation Center.

In 2011, CEZ Group organized a cycle of lectures as part of the FUTUR/E/MOTION project, focusing on new trends in the power industry and their practical applications. The seminars by British expert Michael Londesborough were designated for students of partner secondary schools with energyrelated specializations. Londesborough, a Czech Republic-based scientist, is a promoter of clean energy technologies of the future, both renewables-based and nuclear. His lectures are based on the FUTUR/E/MOTION series broadcast by Czech Television, which CEZ Group helped to fund. During each onehour talk including several interesting experiments, students learn all about “smart grids”, electromobility, and the utilization of wind, solar, and nuclear energy.

Recently ČEZ decided to spark young people’s interest in studying technical fields in an original way: through music. At the website www.elektrikajecool.cz we launched a competition for bands in which at least one member is a student of a technically-oriented school. The winner of the competition was Faces Are Fiction, a band from North Bohemia. The website was visited by many young people.

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